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AoC College HE Conference and Exhibition 2015

09 October 2020

College HE Policy and Practice: The annual AoC College HE conference will take place in the midst of the 2015 election campaign – with all political parties trying to address the conundrum of how we pay for an expensive academic higher education system within the context of considerable concerns around graduate unemployment, a weak technical and professional education sector and an ‘hour glass’ labour market requiring more staff at levels 3, 4 and 5. As importantly – what can colleges do to meet the technical education agenda? Are higher apprenticeships working? What can we learn from developments in other countries? This conference will hear from senior politicians such as Vince Cable and senior policy makers from BIS and HEFCE and college HE practitioners to try and make sense of practice and policy in this febrile political context. See the full event overview and programme.