College governors have a duty to be responsive, as highlighted in the Code of Good Governance for English Colleges.  This states that college governors must:

Ensure that the college is responsive to workforce trends by adopting a range of strategies for engaging with employers and other stakeholders.

The following information includes resources on local enterprise partnerships (LEP), stakeholders, community engagement and local needs.

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Case studies

Effective Governance: National Leader of Governance (NLG) Responsiveness case study

Guidance notes


A guide to the use and importance of labour market intelligence (LMI).  The guide will help college leaders determine how their college is equipping individuals to meet the needs of their local market.  Understanding and using LMI can assist when setting the strategic direction of the college. 

Webinars and video

The importance of LMI data and how governors can support their colleges at meeting local business needs 
This webinar explains why LMI is important and how it can drive value in the sector; how it can be used within the FE sector and what the main applications are; what LMI is available and where can it be accessed; UKCES LMI in this context, including newly released local level EPS data. The webinar is presented by Alex Thornton, Senior Research Manager at UK Commission for Employment and Skills, David Corke, Director of Education Policy and Skills at AoC, David Walker, Director of Governance at AoC and Rupert Waters, Head of Economic Research & Infrastructure, Buckinghamshire Business First. 

How can governors use the LMI data available? 

This webinar provides practical insight into how LMI data can be used by governors and senior managers to influence strategy, build partnerships, communicate with stakeholders and help evaluate the effectiveness of the current curriculum. The session includes practical case studies and provides an overview of the new LMI data tool developed by AoC and RCU. The webinar is presented by David Corke, Director of Education Policy and Skills at AoC, Richard Boniface, Managing Director at RCU Ltd and David Walker, Director of Governance at AoC.