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Wendy Randle

Wendy has over 15 years’ experience in governance and project management across the public sector.

A previous Local Leader of School Governance (LLG) in the South West with solid experience of managing governance in the education sector, Wendy has undertaken board reviews and created and delivered a variety of governance training.

Wendy was a consultant with the Truro Diocese when in school governance and co-created the Cornwall School Governance training offer to support governance professionals, chairs, MAT trustees and governors. Wendy also delivered the DfE Clerks Development Programme and the DfE Chairs Leadership Programme whilst a consultant with the National Governance Association (NGA).

Wendy is currently the Chair of Governors of a Special School, the Director of Governance at the Cornwall College Group and a governance consultant providing support to other Colleges. Wendy also Vice Chairs the AoC South West Governance Professionals network.

Wendy has completed the IOD Governance Professional Leadership programme, is working towards the Certificate for Further Education Governance Professionals (Cert FEGP) and has recently become an assessor for the Institute of Directors Governance Professionals Qualification programme.