AoC Values


Our member colleges are at the heart of everything we do. They are why we exist. We use multiple ways to engage our members so that we are sensitive to and can respond to the diversity of aims and needs. Our focus on members is not at the expense of our leadership role in which we also challenge and support ambitious policy and strategic thinking.


We believe in working collaboratively to strengthen our impact. We do this both within and across our internal teams, with members and externally with a wide range of organisations and groups.


We foster a culture of accountability and trust in which every member of staff takes ownership for the performance of the whole organisation. We work as one organisation to deliver our strategy and celebrate our successes together.


We continuously develop our knowledge and expertise to ensure that we remain credible as a reliable source of intelligence and advice. We rely on research, analysis, stakeholder engagement and sector expertise to inform our points of view, based on demonstrable evidence.


We celebrate, value and actively promote fairness, respect, equality, diversity and inclusion.