Support to colleges

AoC provides a range of services to colleges engaged in international activity or who are thinking of starting international work. We are always pleased to visit colleges or to arrange to call you if we can help.

College representation

  • AoC sits on a number of education sector consultative or advisory groups, for example with the Home Office, the Department for International Trade, the British Council, and Ecorys UK. At these groups we raise policy and operational issues affecting colleges
  • We are regularly invited to attend the meetings and events of other education sector organisations - for example UKCISA, English UK, UK NARIC, Universities UK International and Exporting Education UK - where we can share best practice and information
  • We are members of the UK Skills Partnership, the umbrella organisation for the UK's skills sector exporting internationally
  • We are regularly invited to meet overseas delegations and officials interested in the UK college offer
  • We submit responses to Government consultations and information requests, using college feedback and testimonials
  • We liaise with our counterpart college networks in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • We engage with other college networks all over the world through our membership of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics and EUproVET

Information and support for colleges

  • AoC assists members with general queries relating to international work, for example around student visas, student support or international partnerships
  • We run year-round information and networking events for members, to which we invite guest speakers from Government and international education
  • We issue a fortnightly International Briefing to members, updating colleges on news, policy and opportunities in international education
  • We operate an International Special Interest Group which comprises senior college staff engaged in international work. This group is the main strategic forum where AoC discusses international issues with our members
  • We provide advice to college senior leadership teams on getting started in international work
  • We review and provide feedback on college international strategies

International opportunities

  • AoC disseminates information to members about commercial, funded and voluntary opportunities communicated to us by our stakeholders
  • We submit bids to lead commercial and funded projects that will involve our members in their delivery
  • We organise webinars and events to inform members about high-value opportunities

Please contact us for more information.