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Training Resources

Ambassadors will be given access to online learning, through UK Coaching, to support them at the beginning of their role. We encourage staff to provide an induction for their Ambassadors, as a group or individually, so you can get to know them, their motivations and to help them understand more about the role and the logistics of the role and programmes delivered at their college.

In this resources section we will provide delivery materials for internal college workshops. In addition, a guidance document will be available to show what the online learning platform includes and recommended additional learning opportunities across key themes relevant to the Ambassador role.

AoC Sport will host Regional Development Days for Ambassadors and ECFA Activators in the spring term. These events will bring Ambassadors together from across their region to network, share ideas and challenge their leadership skills. It is hoped that these events will help students to recognise the value of being an ambassador on themselves and others, as well as motivate them to keep engaged in the programme.

It is important that colleges do not wait until these events to get the Ambassadors started in the role. The development days are not role introductions.