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Ambassador Recruitment

As an AoC Sport Leadership Academy college you have access to our three Ambassador programmes:

OR, if you have other priorities, recruit students to support in other areas so long as they relate to getting more students involved in sport and physical activity.


  • Ambassadors from the 2021/22 programme can apply to be Mentors, to build on their previous work and support the development of the new Ambassadors in their college
  • Mentors will have access to training which will help them in their role
  • Mentors must also complete the Ambassador sign up form (see recruitment section below).

Recruitment Information

  • Colleges can access as many of the of the Ambassador programmes as they would like, however each student can only be involved in one Ambassador programme
  • There is no limit on the number of ambassadors that can be recruited however, we advise you consider the amount of support you will be able to provide these students to ensure they have a positive experience
  • It is the responsibility of each college to recruit and select the most suitable students to become Ambassadors
  • Colleges must confirm their involvement in the Ambassador programmes and submit the names of their Ambassadors and staff contacts (see links at the bottom of the page)
  • We have listened to feedback regarding the Ambassador recruitment deadlines and so are now allowing colleges flexibility on when to recruit.

These are the Ambassador sign up links to be completed:

Student registration – To be completed by successful Ambassadors and Mentors

College registration – To be completed by college staff members.

Example application questions:

  • Why are you interested in becoming an/a *Inclusion/Mental Health/This Girl Can/Other Ambassador?
  • What skills and experience can you bring to the role of *Inclusion/Mental Health/This Girl Can/Other Ambassador?
Ambassador sign up process

Here are some rescources that we have created to support with recruitment of Ambassadors: