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Staff top tips

College Support Tips

Gain Senior Leadership Team support to help with promoting the programme and valuable to your college and student development.

Make the programme work for you, your college and environment, there is no right and wrong model. Use the tools and elements as you feel best for you and your circumstances!

Set out time to plan how you will work with your students and set out time to work with new students who wish to part of the leadership programme.

Build up partnerships with local schools/ activity providers/ coaching companies/ organisations who can add value to your programme as well as offer placements for students.

Recruitment tips

If you decide to access the ambassador and activator programmes, think about what students may be suitable for the opportunity.

Have a process for students to apply for the roles, advertise the positions and screen those who apply to ensure they are motivated and reliable. Those who want it, will do the work.

There is a deadline to recruit students so that they have the best experience within the programme, recruit early in the year to maximise this!

Planning tips

Meeting with your student leaders regularly and get to know them and their motivations.

Listen to your students and outline a clear plan and calendar of events that is student led giving them responsibility

Allow space for your students to think creatively and approach staff if and where needed with their ideas. They know better than staff what appeals to students' cross college to engage in a variety of projects/activities!

The People

Help them grow as leaders by planning training sessions to build and develop skills.

Ask the students what they want to get out of the programme and find ways to support that happening.

Utilise the learning platform which students get access to!

Delivery tips

Plan something early on and start small, offer activities that your leaders are confident delivering and let your leaders' lead. You could try to integrate ambassadors into college provisions to help build confidence and familiarity with other students.

Make sure your students know what they should be doing, give them clear instructions and deadlines.

Have small incentives to complete different things throughout the year. Promote them - validate their work. Keeping engaging and providing opportunities

Have a key project that you are working towards rather than standalone sessions.

Be aware there are funding opportunities for certain aspects which are worth applying for

get them involved in anything to do with your enrichment offer.


They will let you down at times, but the impact on those who engage and maximise the programme is worth the risk!

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