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AoC Sport launches new Inclusion Hubs

09 June 2020

AoC Sport is excited to launch the new Inclusion Hub programme aimed at supporting colleges to get more disabled students active. Context In 2018, AoC Sport found that one in six students in Further Education has a disability or learning difficulty. The Activity Alliance research shows that disabled people are twice as likely to be inactive compared to non-disabled people but seven in ten disabled people say they want to be more active. Two thirds of disabled people would like to take part in sport and physical activity with non-disabled people, according to Activity Alliance research. What are AoC Sport Inclusion Hubs? AoC Sport Inclusion Hubs are colleges which are committed to making sport and physical activity inclusive to all disabled students. The hubs will play a vital role in achieving AoC Sport’s vision of ‘every student active’ and will be recognised in the sport, physical activity and further education sectors as proactive in ensuring all disabled students have access to the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers. To be an AoC Sport Inclusion Hub, colleges will be asked to:
  • Sign up to be a Leadership Academy college
  • Ensure activity at the college is inclusive for disabled students
  • Deliver at least one Local Development Opportunity for local colleges to attend
  • Engage 50 disabled students in sport and physical activity (this can include students who attend the Local Development Opportunity)
  • Recruit 8 Inclusive Ambassadors
  • Proactively share ideas and best practice of how they have successfully engaged disabled students with other Inclusive Hubs.
In return, AoC Sport will support Inclusion Hubs by:
  • Offering ongoing support from the AoC Sport Disability Development Officer
  • Creating a national Inclusion Hub network for hubs to share best practice and ideas whilst also hearing from specialists in disability sport and physical activity
  • Delivering one free Inclusive Activity Programme course for up to 16 staff and Inclusive Ambassadors
  • Offering first refusal to pilot new sports for AoC Sport to enhance our competition offer for disabled students
  • Supporting funding applications to improve the current college inclusive offer
  • Offering funding to help achieve the hub targets (subject to finalisation of external funding).
How do you apply to be an AoC Sport Inclusion Hub? To apply to be an AoC Sport Inclusion Hub, colleges must fill in the Expression of Interest form by Friday 3 July. Can’t commit to be an AoC Sport Inclusion Hub but want to become more inclusive? AoC Sport understands that not all colleges will be able to commit to be an AoC Sport Inclusion Hub but may want to become more inclusive. To support colleges to become more inclusive, AoC Sport will also be launching a pledge campaign where colleges can make a pledge to become more inclusive. More details will follow.