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Sign up to 2021/22 AoC Sport Leadership Academy

21 June 2021

Colleges are now invited to register for the 2021/22 Leadership Academy programme.

The project supports colleges to enhance and develop volunteering programmes for their students.

Any AoC Sport member can register as a Leadership Academy college and have access to the general benefits, including our very popular This Girl Can, Inclusive and Mental Health Ambassador programmes.

Colleges that register will have the opportunity to apply for enhanced opportunities, including the Development Fund, which will have greater impact in their college . These opportunities will require colleges to submit an application form and involve a greater level of monitoring and evaluation.

The diagram below shows the benefits and expectations of colleges. More details and how to sign up can be found on our Leadership Academy page.

Why should colleges sign up?

Volunteering has many benefits including meeting new people, developing new skills and improved wellbeing. Lots of colleges are already delivering volunteering programmes and the Leadership Academy is designed to complement existing programmes, as well as support colleges who wish to develop them.

Through the Leadership Academy colleges will be able to provide their students with opportunities to be part of a national community of student volunteers with high quality training opportunities through the different volunteering programmes AoC Sport delivers.

Volunteering programmes support the personal development of students by improving key employability skills and enhancing their career prospects. In our 2020/21 Leadership Academy Personal Development Survey we found that:

  • 93% of students agreed that volunteering in college has improved their teamwork skills
  • 89% agreed that volunteering in college has improved their communication skills
  • 87% agreed that volunteering in college has improved their planning and organisation skills
  • 87% agreed that volunteering in college has improved their confidence