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Opportunity to opt into new ECFA Accredited College Development Framework

17 December 2021

ECFA Accredited College Development Framework

ECFA Accredited Colleges can still opt-in to the new ECFA Accredited College Development Framework.

The Framework was created by ECFA, with the help and insight of colleges and Sheffield Hallam University Sport Industry Research Centre. The aim is to drive standards in football across further education and support colleges to reach their potential.

The framework is built on the four ECFA strategic pillars of Participation, Competition, Workforce and Community. These pillars represent:

  • Providing inclusive playing opportunities
  • Supporting talent
  • Developing a student workforce
  • Engaging with the community

Each pillar includes criteria that range from one to three stars and colleges will be required to assemble evidence over the academic year against each criteria via a digital evidence folder. Stars are then awarded per pillar and for overall provision at the end of the year.

Why opt-in?

Self-Assess your current football provision. Assess where your offer is strong but also growth opportunities

Bespoke Action Plan that is tailored to the needs and priorities of your college

Recognise Progress by tracking achievements against each criteria

Reward Success by using the digital assets to promote your football

Drive Recruitment through showcasing the strength of your college football provision

Evidence Impact through digital evidence folders

Mark Howard has been piloting the initiative with Walsall College and is positive about its benefits. He said: “The Framework will be a recruitment tool and I think it gives our college a massive edge over some of our competition. It’s also a great way when we do get expected by Ofsted to show that we are having an impact on personal development.”

Mark also said it can shape the conversation with senior management teams because he can pinpoint the weaknesses in football development and flag it much easier.

AoC Sport National Football Development Manager Dan Greenwood said: “The ECFA Accredited Colleges Development Framework has been created as part of an exciting long-term vision, to drive standards across further education and support young people to reach their potential through football.

“Co-designed with colleges and Sheffield Hallam University Sport Industry Research Centre, the framework provides an opportunity to shape the offer with a plan that is bespoke to your college and can be tailored to your local priorities.”

More Info

Find more info on our FAQ page here.

Accredited Colleges can opt-in to the Development Framework here.

If you are not an Accredited College, then you can find further information and join the programme here.