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September's Spotlight - Birmingham Metropolitan College

Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet) is one of the largest Further Education Colleges in the United Kingdom providing a wide range of education and training from its sites across Birmingham.

What sports do you offer and what are you successful in?

BMet is one of the leading colleges in terms of sporting performance, thanks to our sports academies where teams regularly exceed expectations and achievements. Academies include: men’s and women’s football, netball, men’s and women’s basketball, golf, cricket, rugby, men’s and women’s athletics and boccia.

What makes your college unique?

The BMet sports department have had a really successful year developing their ‘Work Real’ calendar and the work experience opportunities for their students. Working alongside partners such as Panathlon UK, Boccia England, Community Games, School Games, local coaching companies and local schools, students have enjoyed countless opportunities to work with a variety of groups in a range of settings. These work experiences have been carefully mapped into the core programmes of the students to support the learning and evidence criteria. Feedback from external verifiers has been extremely positive, praising the opportunities that have been available.

How do you incorporate education?

The Work Real opportunities have helped the Level 1, 2 and 3 sports students develop their leadership skills in range of environments. These experiences have also helped to escalate the transferable skills of the learners, such as time keeping, teamwork, collaboration, delegation and organisation.

Recent honours/Success stories

Congratulations to BMET/The Albion Foundation Pan Ability Football Team who were crowned National Champions at the finals held at St. Georges Park (England National Football Headquarters) and were unbeaten throughout the whole tournament.


BMet Netball Team 1 have had a successful year and won the AoC League 2 with only loosing 1 game all season. A well deserved title to a team who have worked hard all year and have also won BMet College Team of the Year.

Another successful season from the BMet Football Team 1 (College team 2) who won the AoC West Midlands League B. The team scored 57 goals only conceded 11, and have gained promotion into West Midlands League A next season, the team are ready to take on the challenge.


National representation at the AoC National Championships we had Students representing the West Midlands in Womens Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Boccia and Cross Country (Endurance Run).

BMet have many partnerships within their academies across a range of sports.