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New College Pontefract

New College is a coeducational, sixth form college in Pontefract in West Yorkshire, England. It acquired academy status in 2017, forming a trust to open colleges in other areas, called the New Collaborative Learning Trust. At its last Ofsted inspection in 2014, it was rated outstanding.

What sports do you offer and what are you successful in?

We offer a wide range of sports at NCP with competitive and recreational options to accommodate all students. This includes 18 competitive teams: 4x men’s football, 3x netball, 2x basketball, 2x men’s rugby league, 1x women’s football, 1x women’s rugby league, 1x badminton, 1x boccia, 1x volleyball, 1x golf, and 1x cricket. We have had success in many sports over recent years which is largely thanks to the dedication of our students, and the quality of coaching and provision provided by our staff.

There are also opportunities to play sport casually in football, netball, basketball, badminton, and volleyball, which means we have a very high percentage of students who are physically active at college.

What makes your college unique?

Our college is unique because of how highly it values sport and physical activity, this is clearly evident through our offer for students, but also how we create opportunities for the wider community to participate too. Students on our Sports Leaders programme volunteer and help organise events in various settings to provide opportunities for others, this includes: a monthly PAN disability football tournament, primary school sport competitions, and activities in local care homes.

We also take students on a Turing Scheme trip to Malta each year for work experience placements that focus on increasing levels of physical activity in schools and the wider community there.

These things highlight how important the college views sport to be an in education setting for students but also for the public.

How do you incorporate education?

NCP has an outstanding reputation for quality of teaching and results, and we always prioritise guiding students to positive destinations. Regular physical activity and the opportunity to play sport

has a positive effect on this, which is why all students are asked to take up an enrichment at college and staff are encouraged and rewarded for offering these opportunities.

Students who compete regularly in sport also have time dedicated for this in their timetables which minimises the amount of lesson time missed for attending fixtures and training. When clashed between sport and lessons do occur, staff and students collaborate to get the student caught up and avoid falling behind.

Recent Success

  • Boccia/Indoor Cricket AOC National Champions 2022
  • NCLT Varsity Champions 2023
  • Alex Tikhonov Men’s Single Tennis AOC National Champion 2023
  • AOC Men’s Football Yorkshire & Humber Central League Winners 2023
  • AOC Netball Yorkshire & Humber West B League Winners 2023
  • AOC Yorkshire & Humber Indoor Cricket Champions 2023
  • AOC Men’s Football Yorkshire & Humber West D League Winners 2023