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AoC Sport launches revolutionary student fitness competition

22 February 2021

AoC Sport is launching a new fitness competition for college students which will take into account their physical make up and create a level playing field for a nationwide challenge. Working with fitness app developers Archon, the new competition will have eight workouts for students testing different parts of their body. When they submit all their results, Archon will use the Level Playing Field Score system to work out an individual’s points, rank them and then crown the AoC Sport Fittest Student. Matt Ford, Creator and CEO of Archon says this competition requires a complete shift in mindset and is aimed at measuring performance regardless of what you look like. “Using unique algorithms we will consider every person's height, weight, age and gender so that everyone has a chance to compete on a truly level playing field of fitness. “We have been conditioned into thinking that whoever crosses the finishing line first wins. In most cases this is true. But take golf for example, which has a handicap system that means you can play with anyone else regardless of what they look like, and ultimately the winner will be the person who performs the best after 18 holes. "We've taken this concept and built it into a new format of fitness competition, one where you will be measured on your performance regardless of what you look like. For the first time you will be judged solely on what you can do, and if that's better than what someone else can do, then you win. "The aim is to build a fully inclusive competitive environment unlike anything that’s been delivered before."

Format and timeline

AoC Sport member college students can find out more by visiting the AoC Sport Fittest Student webpage and register for the challenge from 23 February here. The challenge will start on Monday 1 March with each workout released on the AoC Sport Fittest Student webpage. The eight workouts will be released to students each Monday and Wednesday from 1 March until 25 March. The 20-minute workouts will all be based on elements that everyone can do outside of the gym environment, testing cardio, lower body and upper body. Videos explaining the various exercises will be available from Archon. Students can sign up at any time and will have until Friday 26 March to complete all the workouts and submit their results. A national leaderboard will be available on a dedicated competition platform here

How to get involved

College staff need to:
  • Promote the challenge to your students.
  • Encourage students to take part in the challenge.