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Environmental Sustainability

The Challenge

Everyone has a role to play in delivering the net-zero target. Colleges are uniquely placed at the heart of communities to support a fair transition to a green economy for people and employers. However, in order to enact true change and support people to gain the skills needed in the future, colleges need further investment, as well as recognition in local plans.

The Goal

Colleges are already on the journey to net zero, and they all have inspiring examples of both staff and students who are passionate about bringing out real and sustained change in this area.

Our goal is to empower colleges to deliver on sustainability and biodiversity through research, projects that support environmental sustainability and partnerships with charitable organisations and employers.

Our Work

Colleges are major employers with significant responsibility for estates and buildings, and they need to be aware of the impact their work has on the local environment.

We are supporting our members to transition through several pieces of work. The innovative FE Climate Action Road Map has already been adopted by over a third of FE colleges, and we continue to offer regular webinars, briefings and updates.

The AoC board have recognised the climate crises and as such have committed to being carbon neutral on Scope 1 (direct emissions) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions by 2030).

Additionally, we have established a Green Thread Policy Group which focuses on:

  • environmental sustainability

  • the climate emergency, climate change and carbon reduction

  • skills for the new build back better/ green economy.

This group acts as an advocate for the strategic importance of these three focus areas, and provides expert analysis on government policy to the further education sector.

More about the work that we do in this area can be found on our sustainability and climate action hub.

Get involved

We secure funding from a range of organisations and partners that wish to work with colleges and students through the vehicle of projects, programmes and research, managed and delivered by AoC. If you would like to know more please contact us.

Creating a Greener London - Sustainable Construction Skills (JP Morgan Chaser Project)

This project, delivered with support from JPMorgan Chase, is a program that aims to provide future generations in London with the skills and knowledge necessary for green jobs in the building and home sector. It focuses on developing green career pathways at Level 2 and above through partnerships between further education colleges and employers and co-designing and delivering green skills training alongside existing Level 2 qualifications.

Creating a Greener London