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College students celebrate A Level success

14 December 2017

Students across the country are collecting their A Level results and we'll be bringing you some of their stories across the day. Twins Natalie and Lorna Hibberd are celebrating after receiving their results at Havant Sixth Form College and South Downs College. Natalie scored an A* in communications and cultural studies and As in English Language and English Literature. She is NatalieHibberd_and_sister_Havant SFC.jpg taking some time out to work on her career as a novelist, aiming to gett her thriller series published. Lorna achieved three A*s in Law, Sociology and the extended project as well as an A in Ancient History. She is looking forward to studying social sciences at Durham University. Chloe Abeki Bury College.jpg Chloe Abeki, from Bury College, achieved three A* grades in Chemistry, Biology and Maths and will be progressing to Durham University to study Chemistry. She said: “I am so proud of my results and pleased that my hard work over these two years has paid off. Studying at Bury College has been great for my confidence. I have received a lot of support from my tutors who have helped me to achieve good grades and I will look back fondly on these two years.” More than 300 students collected their results at Derby College, with 60% achieving A* to C grades and 20 subjects recording a 100% pass rate including English, Politics, Modern Languages, Law, ICT and Biology. Among those celebrating was Zoe Keaton (18) from Long Eaton who achieved A* grades in Biology and Psychology and A in Chemistry. Amelia Carter and Zoe Keaton Derby College.jpg "I can't believe these results," she said. "This gives me so many different options including potentially Oxbridge." Zoe underwent reconstructive surgery on her knee which she injured playing netball and faces several months of physiotherapy. Amelia Carter gained three B grades in Business, Maths and Chemistry, which has secured her plans to do a higher apprenticeship with Barclays in Nottingham. The company will also sponsor her to study for a degree in Banking Management Anglia Ruskin University. She said: “I was amazed that I did that well because 4,000 applied for just ten places and I have had to go through nine stages to get the apprenticeship. "To me, getting a higher apprenticeship no brainer. University costs so much money but this way I get to earn while I learn and I can continue to live at home." Hodan Abdi BC.JPG At Bradford College, Hodan Abdi, 20, of Leeds, was also celebrating after securing her place at university to study business management after securing A Levels in Business Studies, Sociology and Anthropology. Hodan, who also attained her GCSEs at Bradford College, said: “It is a big relief. I didn’t get any sleep last night.” Cherie Jamieson, 20, of Bingley is off to university to study criminology after collecting an A* in Citizenship Studies and C in Sociology. CherieJamieson - BC.JPG “I am really pleased, I wasn’t expecting the A*,” said Cherie. “I knew I had been accepted on the university course before I came to collect the results but it was still nice to see the results.” Blackburn College students achieved a 100% pass rate in 22 A Level subjects with the highest performing A-Level programmes including Accounting, Further Maths, Government and Politics, Classical Civilisations and Fine Art. Kimberley Blackburn College.jpg Celebrating her results was Kimberley Smith, 18, who overcame cancer, including chemotherapy during her exams, and is looking forward to starting at her first choice University in September. She said: “I was revising for my exams when I found out I had cancer. “Blackburn College were fantastic. They contacted UCAS and Leeds Beckett University offered me an unconditional place so that I didn’t have the additional stress during my illness. “I underwent three cycles of chemotherapy and lost all my hair. They said the treatment would be effective but I was still ill during my exams. I had had chemotheraphy just days before, and missed one of them because I was at The Christie.” Kimberley will still have regular checkups but it looking forward to the future and attending Leeds Beckett University to study BA (Hons) in History. She said: “They said I didn’t need to sit my exams, but I wanted to. I got an A, C and two Ds despite my treatment. It has been a hard year but I’m looking forward to the future.” Identical twins Samantha and Victoria Ashworth have proved once again how similar they are after gaining identical A-Level grades. They both achieved three B grades and secured places at two of the UK’s most prestigious universities. Samantha head off to Lancaster University to study History after gaining Bs in History, Classical Civilisation and Psychology at Blackburn College. Victoria has secured a place at Durham University to study for a Masters in Pharmacy after getting B grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. The sisters are preparing to be apart for the first time in their lives. Victoria and Samantha Ashworth Blackburn.jpg Among the celebrating students at South Essex College is Rohit Hirachan. The 20-year-old from Hockley, picked up an A in Maths, B in Chemistry and B in Biology. He is now going study Biochemistry at Kings College in London. Rohit Hirachan South Essex College.jpg He said: “I’m interested in working in a medical laboratory and hopefully helping to research a cure for cancer. I’d really like to help people in the future.” Hollie Sales South Essex College.jpg Hollie Sales, 19, is going to study Law at University of Essex after gaining A*s in Law and Psychology and an A in Sociology. She said: “I’m just so happy. I put in a lot of work and had to deal with some personal struggles this year. I was panicking so much before opening the envelope but now I feel great! “The teachers have been really supportive. I’m excited to look to the future now, my ultimate dream is to go on to get a Masters and a PHD so I can call myself a doctor.” South Downs College is celebrating another good year of A-level results, with an overall pass rate of 97.1%, nearly half of which were at the toughest A* to B grades. Group SDC_ResultsDay_2016_003.jpg Among those with top grades was Anton Sukhorukov. He scored an A* in Computing, A in Maths and a distinction star in BTEC Music Technology (the equivalent of an A* at A Level) and will go on to Bristol University to study Computer Science with Innovation. Lucie Brooks achieved A*s in Law and Extended Project as well as As in History and English Language. She is heading off to study Law at Warwick University. Thomas McCann studied Law, Business Studies and Accountancy, achieving two As and a B. He will study English and American Law at University of East Anglia. Megan Griffiths achieved A*s in English Literature and the Extended Project and As in German and Ancient History. She will study English Literature and Language at University of Oxford. Worcester Sixth Form College has achieved an A Level pass rate of 99.2% (for grades A*-E), which is higher than the national average of 98.1%. This is the fourteenth year running that it has been above 99%. Students celebrating in particular are Will Hodges, Daniel Scotson and Peter Lewin-Jones who each got 4 A*s and will go on to study at University of Oxford. Will studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics and an Extended Project and will go to study Medicine. Daniel studied Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics and an Extended Project, as well as gaining an A grade in maths last year, and he will study Material Sciences. Peter studied Further Maths, Physics, Maths and an Extended Project and will go on to Dan Will and Peter Worcester Sixth Form College.JPG university to study Maths. Sofia South Glos and Stroud.png South Gloucestershire and Stroud College student Sofia Ferreira Santos from Brazil received As and a B in English Language, Media, Portuguese and English Literature. She has been accepted to study Comparative Literature at King's College University in London. She said: "I'm really happy with my results. I was a bit sad to get a B, straight As would have been amazing but I can't complain. I got my place at uni, which is what counts. I can't thank my teachers enough, they have all been amazing." Oliver Holt, 22, from Indonesia received an A*, and two As in Psychology, Business and German. He completed a year at uni before deciding to move to SGS to take up A Levels again in the hopes of getting in to his dream university. Today that dream came true because Oliver will now go to Queen Mary University, London, to study Marketing. Oliver said: "So happy with my results. I have to put my success in part down to my teachers. They were the best part of my experience at SGS, all of them were amazing. I can't wait to study at Queen Mary. Doing A-Levels again to study here was completely worth it." Oliver South glos and stroud.png Blackpool Sixth Form College students and staff are celebrating its best ever set of A level results. Ben Boyd Blackpool Sixth.jpg The overall pass rate has risen to 99.4% and the number of students receiving the highest possible grades has increased significantly - well over half of students’ grades were high grades (A*, A or B). Student Ben Boyd gained three A* grades and an A. Ben will now progress to Durham University to study Physics. Ben said: “I’ve really enjoyed college and have had lots of support. The teachers have all been great.” Principal, Jill Gray said: “This a wonderful set of results and represents a huge amount of hard work by students and staff. Results like these mean that our students will be able to progress to the next stage with a brilliant platform for future success.” Mitchell Mealing Stockton Riverside.JPG Celebrations are underway at Stockton Riverside College Bede Sixth Form in Billingham, where students are picking up their A level results. Among those beaming with pride is 18-year-old Mitchell Mealing. Achieving two A*s and an A, in A level Biology, Chemistry and Maths, secured him a place to study Medicine at Oxford University. With dreams of becoming a doctor, Mitchell said: “I’ve only just started thinking about results this week. It’s been daunting. Opening the envelope is so much more than opening any envelope.” Bilborough College student Daria Bustza, who designed a vibrating wristband to alert disabled bus travellers to their stop is celebrating after achieving fantastic A level results. daria bustza bilborough college.jpg The 18-year-old achieved A*s in Biology and Maths and an A in Chemistry and she is now planning to study biomedical sciences at the University of York. She entered a national transport contest called All Aboard which challenged students to improve travel for disabled bus passengers. Her winning design was a wristband that could be given out by bus drivers which incorporates a Bluetooth device that links up with the driver’s ticket machine and vibrates when a passenger is close to their chosen stop. olivia joseph Bilborough College.jpg Despite a gruelling ice skating training schedule, Olivia Joseph, also from Bilborough College, still scored an A in Maths, A in Chemistry and B in Biology, and now plans to study nutrition and dietetics at the University of Nottingham. The 18-year-old wanted to stay close to home so she can continue her gruelling training schedule, which while she was at college meant getting up at 5am to go to the ice rink and then returning at the end of the day after classes. “I am so happy with my results as it means I can continue to pursue my figure skating and do my studies at the same time,” said Olivia. “I am really pleased. I didn’t think I was going to do this well in Maths. It’s great.” Salford City College is celebrating after students at the college got outstanding A Level results with 99% passing their exams. Milan Patel, 18, studied Maths, Chemistry and Physics and his results of ABB mean he is off to University of Liverpool to study Pharmacology. milan patel Salford City College.jpg Emily Shaw Salford City College.jpg 18-year-old Emily Shaw has exceeded expectations by achieving A*A*A in her A-Level Biology, Geography and Chemistry. She said, “I’m so relieved and happy that I’ve got into my first choice studying Medicine at the University of Liverpool!” Naomi Ogbeta, 18, scored an A in Sociology, a B in Politics and a B in Philosophy and Ethics. She will head off to University of Manchester to study Anthropology with Politics. Naomi Ogbeta Salford City College..JPG CEO and Principal of Salford City College, John Spindler said, “All of the staff are delighted with the incredible and record breaking A-Level results this year. It really is an honour to work with such talented young people and be able to lead such a successful college which ensures that students reach their full potential and have the opportunity to progress onto their first choice of university or employment.” Harlow College A level students celebrate.jpg Harlow College has secured a 100% pass rate for the sixth year in a row and an impressive 57% A*-B rate, against the national average of 53%. Some students who excelled: Lukman Kazeem, 18, scored As in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Physics. He is going to University of Southampton to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Ashley Ramdass, 18, achieved As in Biology, Chemistry, and Maths, and will go on to Cardiff University to study Chemistry Gabby Clements, 18, gained an A* in Psychology, an A in Sociology and a B in English Language. She will go to the University of York to study Applied Social Science. Abby Whitnall, 19, achieved an A in Psychology, a B in Biology, and a B in Chemistry. She is going to study a Higher Apprenticeship at GlaxoSmithKline. Gemma Smith, 18, is also going on to A Higher Apprenticeship with GlaxoSmithKline after scoring an A in History, B in Biology and B in Chemistry. Emily-Rose Brachtvogel, 18, is going to study Criminology and Forensic Investigation at University of Portsmouth. Her results were A* in Psychology, A in Sociology and B in History. Abby Tomlinson Milifandom Cardinal Newman College 2.JPG At Cardinal Newman College, Abby Tomlinson, 18, she collected three A Levels with an A in Religious Studies, an A in Ancient History and a B in English Literature. Abby came to media fame in 2015 when she created the #Milifandom hashtag around the time of the General Election to tweet her support of Ed Miliband. Her campaign, which included photos of the former Labour leader as various superheroes, quickly created a female fanbase for Mr Miliband. Dona and Della Cardinal Newman College.jpg Identical twins Dona and Della Solichan will be continuing their closeness as they take their next steps. After going through primary and secondary school together, they both decided to take Biology, Chemistry and Maths. The pair even scored exactly the same grades and will head off together to the University of Birmingham to study Medicine. Nelson and Colne College is celebrating a pass rate of 99.9% as its students collect their A Level results, with more than half of student achieving A* to B grades. Lotte Gleeson (4).jpg Lotte Gleeson, 18, is celebrating after securing A*s and As in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Lotte, who has overcome mental health issues she suffered in school, will be heading off to University of Oxford to study Physics. She said: “At school I didn’t think I had the ability to be able to go to university at all, let alone Oxbridge. I am in the first generation of my family to attend university, and never really met anyone who had been to university except for teachers, and I certainly never knew anyone who had been to Oxbridge.” She was also chosen as a ‘Future Star’ at the AoC Gold Awards in the summer. The awards honour college alumni who have gone on to be successful in their career and a student who may follow their success is nominated by the college. Anisha Javed (4).jpg Anisha Javed, 18, will be heading off to the University of Central Lancashire to study Adult Nursing. She achieved two As and a B in Biology, Psychology and Sociology. She said: “Going into the vocation of Adult Nursing will fulfil my dream of making a difference in the lives of those who need it the most. “I’m pleased about being accepted into my chosen University and getting really good results. The teachers at NCC have offered me support both in and out of the classroom.”