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Minimise college trip risks

19 February 2020

5 Top Tips

With many reports of skills shortages in business and industry in the UK, it’s more important than ever for students to develop the global and cultural competences needed for their future careers. There’s no better way for a young person to develop these critical skills than through an educational college trip.

In the case of college students, it can often be the first time they’ve ventured abroad without the presence of their parents and families. During a college study trip the individual has the opportunity to expand their horizons, discover their independence, develop their cultural sensitivity and apply a global outlook to their work.

This unique experience can lead to improved self-confidence, helping students to feel confident enough to make the decision about leaving home for university-life, or even preparing them for the future world of work.

It is for these reasons that educational establishments should provide students with the exciting and potentially life-changing opportunity of international travel during their college course.

But how do you manage the risks involved with international travel?

With increased media coverage and reports of international situations, there continues to be a perception of higher risk now than ever before.

But, by working with a trusted and experienced travel management company such as StudyLink, the risks involved in international travel can be identified and managed effectively, allowing students to benefit from the incredible learning opportunities afforded to them study abroad experiences.

As the UK’s leading student group travel company for further education establishments, StudyLink has a rigorous approach to risk management helping your college to protect your students and manage your duty of care.

StudyLink’s risk management approach includes:

  • Audited travel components
  • 24-7 on-call service for help and assistance
  • A detailed emergency procedure
  • Group leader preview visits

StudyLink also provides additional reassurance to group leaders, college staff and parents through their exclusive advanced travel tracking system; Locate My Trip.

Using innovative GPS technology, Locate My Trip is the convenient way for your college to track their group’s location in real-time.

In the event of unforeseen travel issues, StudyLink can react quickly and keep the group’s tour on track, by directing the group away from any potential safety risks. Furthermore, if there are any updates to the destination advice provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office whilst the group is on tour, the establishment’s dedicated Account Executive will update the group leader in person and via StudyLink’s Locate My Trip device and travel app.

Find out more about StudyLink’s thorough risk management approach and student group travel expertise.