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Skills Minister considers penalties for school sixth forms

14 December 2017

The Skills Minister Nick Boles MP has revealed that the Government is considering imposing financial penalties on school sixth forms that sign students up to A Levels that are "not appropriate" for them. In response, Martin Doel, Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges (AoC), said: “To make informed choices for the future, young people need high quality, impartial careers information about all post-16 education and training options, including apprenticeships and technical and professional education. “Colleges are keen to work together with their local schools to ensure that all young people are able to choose the right course for them which lead to the best possible skills and qualifications needed for a successful career. “Alongside this, the minister is right to look at how the system can best ensure schools encourage their pupils to take the best decision for them rather than automatically enter the sixth form. This could be a combination of incentives and potential penalties.”