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DfE's Institutes of Technology policy statement and application forms

19 June 2019

Just before Christmas 2017, DfE offiicals made an application forms and spreadsheets available. The documents need to be completed by 1 March 2018: IoT Application Form.docx IoT Application Form.docx (DOCX,69.5 KB) IoT Application Guidance.docx IoT Application Guidance.docx (DOCX,223.55 KB) Template A - Data Template.xlsx Template A - Data Template.xlsx (XLSX,567.52 KB) Template B - Project Template.xlsx Template B - Project Template.xlsx (XLSX,53.25 KB) In September 2017, DFE officials have produced a policy statement on the plans for Institutes of Technology, some frequently asked questions and a proforma to register interest (which ought to be returned by 31 October 2017). DFE has set up a dedicated e.mail address for queries and expressions of interest. The documents are available for download here DFE IoT policy statement 22 Sept 17.docx DFE IoT policy statement 22 Sept 17.docx (DOCX,433.11 KB) DFE IoT FAQs 22 Sep17.docx DFE IoT FAQs 22 Sep17.docx (DOCX,91.26 KB) DFE IoT Proforma 22 Sept 17.docx DFE IoT Proforma 22 Sept 17.docx (DOCX,104.7 KB) The government outlined plans to establish a number of new Institutes of Technology in the industrial strategy green paper published in January 2017 and also promised a new investment of £170 million in capital funding. The latest statement outlines the broad specification, the process and the timetable for awarding IoT status. DFE expects a 3 way partnership involving employers, higher education and further education to develop an institute focusing predominantly on technical skills at Levels 4 and 5. There is a specific reference in the statement to drawing together the very best assets of existing providers as an alternative to setting up a new institution. DFE expects to invite formal applications by the end of 2017 and sets out a assessment timetable which implies a decision by the end of 2018. At this stage, there is no prescription regarding legal structures or match funding rrequirements on the basis that it will be up to prospective partnerships to work on the best possible bid. AoC has been working with DFE officials on Institutes of technology since the idea was first floated in the government's 2015 productivity plan. We believe that a network of college-based IoTs across the country could ensure access to higher skills by using available expertise and supporting progression.