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Future Apprenticeships: Organisational Action Planning and Change Management - Workshops and Online Seminar Package

18 July 2016

As part of the second phase of the Future Apprenticeships programme, commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), the Future Apprenticeships team are offering a package of support designed to address the need for systems and processes to be put in place to manage the flow of information, contracts and funding.The support package is made up of two workshops which will consider the structures, processes, systems and skills providers already have in place and will reflect on the organisational changes needed to be ready to begin delivery of apprenticeship standards. This will include looking at organisation and team structures, skills requirements, back office systems, job roles, job descriptions, policies and processes. Workshop 1 will be held in September 2016 and Workshop 2 will be held in January/February 2017 (delegates will be expected to attend both workshops). Download the workshop detail for more information. The support package will also include the following online support and resources that can be shared with colleagues: Job roles and skills changes for commercial delivery Customer relationship management changes and systems Finance systems, invoicing, measures and KPIs Business processes Policies and procedures The delivery mode for online support will include: 5 x web seminars focused on particular topics 2 x self-development resources 5 x peer group briefs to encourage the sharing of approaches and practical tips Pre-work Delegates will be asked to come to the sessions with: A list of chosen standards A shortlist of future standards A vision/strategy/plan for their overall offer and for future apprenticeships An understanding of who will lead and support the transition process Prior to attending the workshops, delegates will be provided with self-diagnostic worksheets that can be tailored to the needs of the organisation. The worksheets will link to both the toolkit and the other support available in the rest of the programme and will help to create a transition plan for moving from frameworks to standards. Learning Outcomes:By the end of the package delegates will be able to; Produce or enhance a prioritised apprenticeship transition plan for their organisation, overall and in specific operational areas Identify barriers and explored solutions with the right people in their organisation Be in a position to take action to achieve successful transition Who should attend:Individual delegates will: Be leading (or have an overview of) the transition in their organisation Know ‘the wiring’ of the organisation – who leads different teams; how they can be brought together Be able to cascade and question Be able to commit to both face-to-face workshops Organisations sending delegates will have: Moved on from simply understanding the reforms, to a position to start transitioning to new apprenticeship standards A clear vision and strategy in place for the organisation's future role in apprenticeships Identified standards to deliver in the short-term An idea of standards to deliver in the longer-term, including any areas for development and growth (e.g. what a future offer looks like) Delegate Fees:£350.00 per delegate (discounts apply). The fee covers both workshops, the mid-point development seminar and access to all of the on-line resources. BookingSix support packages will be delivered in a variety of locations from mid-September through to early 2017. Further details are available via the Education and Training Foundation’s booking system. For information about the other support that is being offered through the Future Apprenticeships Programme please visit the ETF website. If you have any questions regarding booking, please contact: T: 02082538246 E: