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The Bell Foundation Award for Excellence in ESOL

Guidance notes for application form

This year, applicants are invited to complete a bespoke application form for each Beacon Award. This form will give applicants the opportunity to address all the criteria that will be assessed: the Beacon Award criteria, and the bespoke sponsor’s criteria that is tailored for each award.

AoC Beacon Awards Criteria:

The Beacon Awards celebrate exemplary practice. In all applications you should evidence innovation, sustainability and impact, ensuring that you clearly show there are features which promote exemplary teaching and learning, and that the initiative has wider relevance and applicability. The application should demonstrate:

  • Bespoke evaluation/quality assurance to influence continuing development of the initiative
  • Regard to the promotion of equality and diversity in the delivery of the programme.
  • That there is clear evidence of impact and sustainability.
  • That it has features which actively promote exemplary teaching and learning
  • That it is of benefit for one or more groups of students, recipients or trainees
  • That it has wider relevance and applicability which makes it of significant value to other colleges as an example of outstanding practice or innovation.

The Bell Foundation Sponsor’s Criteria

This award aims to recognise exceptional achievements in the teaching, learning and support of learners who are speakers of languages other than English and are learning English as a second language (ESOL) or through the medium of English in college submissions are invited from colleges showcasing excellence in ESOL education and in ESOL support in vocational courses. The criteria for evaluation include the three Beacon criteria: innovation, impact, and sustainability. We are seeking initiatives that demonstrate creative teaching methods, measurable outcomes, and a commitment to long-term effectiveness.

The Bell Foundation Award for Excellence in ESOL Application Form