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Beacon Award Commended College Synopses 2022/23 - The British Council Award for Internationalism



Petroc’s catchment area is one that is geographically isolated and primarily rural, with significant disadvantage gaps within its population. With pay rates - and jobs that require high-skills and qualifications - lower than the national average, the college sees a rate of learners with financial challenges, low aspirations and lack of enriching work experience that caters towards their future goals. As a response to this, Petroc Go’s provision of overseas work experience and learning provides learners with opportunities to experience various training and employment options. In turn, this raises aspirations, whilst also developing independent living and social skills which will enhance learners’ CVs. Being able to offer learners overseas opportunities enables the college to meet its strategic objective of providing international perspective which would not be possible without the funding opportunities provided by Erasmus+ and Turing. Gaining first-hand experience in another country has enabled Petroc’s learners - from a variety of ages and abilities - a life changing chance to enrich their studies and enhance student experience, giving them a bespoke experience that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. It is worth noting that for many learners, this may be the first time that they have left the UK.

Gower College Swansea

To be a truly global college, international activities should be at the forefront, with a strategy which incorporates both staff and students, local and international, enabling curiosity and enthusiasm for the world at large, and in turn, creating global citizens. The College Internationalisation Project aims to do exactly that. Driven by the International Office, with a College-wide International Group, and Departmental International Ambassadors, the Internationalisation Project comprises a number of programmes, including student mobility, international student recruitment, the International Buddy Scheme, WorldSkills, various transnational programmes with partners overseas, the Kenya Project, and our ESOL delivery to the local community of refugees and asylum seekers from Ukraine and other countries. Through the College Internationalisation Project, we aim to bring the world to the College, and take the College to the world, creating a dynamic, innovative and internationally focussed learning environment with all the associated benefits. A result of this project is that internationalisation is at the heart and essence of the College; a truly global college.

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