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WATCH RECORDING: Fostering a more sustainable and resilient society: role of skills policies


06 June 2023

10:00 - 11:30

On Tuesday 6 June, the Four Nations College Alliance hosted a webinar with Michele Tuccio at the OECD, and discussed the international policy approaches to skills for the green transition, together with Ida Rönnblom, who showcased the ways in which they are navigating the labour and skills shortages they face in the north of Sweden, where the energy sector is transitioning to renewable sources with the aim of reaching their climate goals of being fossil free by 2045.

Fostering a more sustainable and resilient society: role of skills policies

Colleges are playing an important and growing role in supporting the green transition. There are a number of different elements to this – including in supporting people to develop skills that they need and employers will need to support a greener economy, in supporting employers with the wider implications of this transition, and in building and maintaining campuses that are net zero, biodiverse and resilient to environment change. There are significant policy and political developments in this agenda across the UK and Ireland, and internationally – and so a huge amount of mutual learnings and challenges to share. These initiatives include the Climate Action Roadmap for FE Colleges, developed by the Commission for UK Higher and Further Education, and a raft of policy work from Colleges Scotland, the College Development Network, ColeaguCymru, the Association of Colleges, SOLAS, the EAUC, ETF and others.