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FE News / Making social action part of our sector’s DNA - 8 June 2022

Dr Sam Parrett CBE, Group Principal and CEO, London & South East Education Group, reflects on the Good for Me, Good for FE campaign, citing the work of the Commission.

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The Herald / Education in Scotland: Fresh fears as policies 'lack cohesion' - 4 June 2022

Commissioners Nora Senior and Audrey Cumberford give evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Education, Children And Young People Committee.

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AHUA / Going Further, Going Higher: a roadmap to closer collaboration between Universities and Colleges - 15 March 2022

Closer collaboration between Higher and Further Education can play a critical role in the Levelling Up agenda, both locally and nationally, says Richard Calvert, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Sheffield Hallam University.

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FE Week / Stop, collaborate and listen - 16 February 2022

Leaders representing the four UK nations have their say on HE and FE collaboration

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THE / Universities’ domination of FE-HE partnerships must end - 15 February 2022

Every college-university relationship should be viewed as the mutually beneficial arrangement it genuinely is, says Sam Parrett

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RSE / ‘Genuine partners with a common goal’: the keys to successful university-college collaborations - 8 February 2022

Commissioner Audrey Cumberford reflects on the future of tertiary

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Research Professional / Reform needed to avoid university and college ‘turf war’, says report - 8 February 2022

Colleges and universities want better-defined roles for further and higher education - Research Professional reports

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THE / Single funding bodies would heal UK’s HE-FE divide, says report - 7 February 2022

Paper says ‘too often colleges and universities have been pitted against each other - Simon Baker reports

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Wonkhe / It takes two – making university and college relationships work - 7 February 2022

Universities and colleges have a lot in common. David Hughes and Richard Calvert ask what it would take to get them pulling in the same direction

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University Business / Single funding system could resolve ‘tension’ between universities and colleges - 7 February 2022

A report jointly authored by the Civic Universities Network and the Independent Commission on the College of the Future says governments in the four nations of the UK can go further and faster to improve cooperation between HE and FE - James Higgins reports

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BBC / NI adults 'should be entitled to free Further Education course' - 25 March 2021

All adults in Northern Ireland should have the chance to take a Further Education qualification for free, according to a UK-wide experts body - the BBC reports on the Commission’s report for Northern Ireland

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Tes / Skills: What can England learn from Northern Ireland? - 25 March 2021

As the Commission publishes our report on the future of FE in Northern Ireland, Jackie Henry MBE explores its skills provision

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BBC / Commissioner Dr Stephen Farry MP speaks to BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Show - 25 March 2021

Listen again to the interview at 1:55

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FE Week / To become ‘anchor institutions’, colleges should operate like social enterprises - 14 February 2021

To articulate its real worth, the FE sector needs to emulate social enterprises and measure its social value in ways government can’t ignore, writes London South East Colleges’ chief transformation officer, Louise Wolsey, citing the Commission’s work.

FE Week / Read here

Tes / How colleges are managing the Covid-19 healthcare boom - 12 February 2021

Public recognition of NHS workers has caused a spike in the number of people who want to train in health or social care. Zofia Niemtus explores what colleges can do to meet demand for placements at a time when resources are already depleted.

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Tes / Why this is 'the moment' for colleges - 8 February 2021

With the spotlight now on colleges in England, they must step into the challenges and seize this opportunity, says David Hughes, citing the Commission’s work.

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Tes / Why FE's priority must be digital inclusion - 8 February 2021

Creating the colleges of the future means a focus on delivering digital inclusion and skills, writes Commissioner David Jones reflecting on the College of the Future for Wales.

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BusinessNewsWales / Unlock Potential of Colleges to Secure a Sustainable and Prosperous Wales for Future Generations - 3 February 2021

The Independent Commission on the College of the Future has set out its vision and roadmap for the future of colleges in Wales.

BusinessNewsWales/ Read here

FE Week / Now is FE’s chance to deliver higher technical education - 1 February 2021

The FE white paper in England gives colleges the chance to become high-level providers of technical education as in other countries, writes Commissioner Professor Ewart Keep.

FE Week / Read here

Wonkhe / PODCAST: Grade inflation, skills, student housing, care leavers - 29 January 2021

Commissioner Professor Ellen Hazelkorn reflects on the learnings across the four nations about the future of colleges, sharing the Commission’s vision for the College of the Future for Wales and considering the potential for the Skills for Jobs White Paper to achieve the college of the future in England.

Wonkhe / Read here

FE News / The Welsh College of the Future - 26 January 2021

Read about the publication of our Scottish College of the Future report and responses from the sector.

FE News / Read here

Wonkhe / The Westminster government’s skills agenda is the narrowest of all the UK nations - 26 January 2021

As the Commission publishes its vision for the College of the Future for Wales, Commissioner Ellen Hazelkorn assesses how the Skills for Jobs white paper measures up against its counterparts in the devolved nations.

Wonkhe / Read here

The Yorkshire Post / Why colleges must be at heart of jobs plan - 25 January 2021

“It has been a long time coming, but it’s very encouraging to see the Government place its faith in the further education sector,” says The Sheffield College’s Angela Foulkes, citing the Commission’s work in England.

The Yorkshire Post / Read here

FE News / Putting employers at the heart of the system: Will the White Paper support colleges to build back better? - 21 January 2021

“The implementation of the White Paper and future legislation needs to enable colleges, and wider partners in the education system, giving them the space to adapt to ensure the system can sufficiently flex to retain currency and relevance in future in a dynamic world of work,” says Commissioner Lesley Giles.

FE News / Read here

The Independent / We have a rare opportunity to change the way our education system functions and who it works for – we must grasp it - 21 January 2021

“The government’s words today as they launch a white paper to ‘revolutionise’ post-16 education are welcome – it is clear that, finally, those who don’t go to university are starting to become a policy priority,” says Lord David Blunkett, citing the Commission’s work.

The Independent / Read here

The Herald / Colleges should build on position as anchors of their communities- 21 January 2021

“We have a lot to be proud of in our college system – but to keep pace with a changing world to ensure that colleges are truly at the heart of our economic and social recovery from the pandemic, we need decisive action, now more than ever,” says Commissioner Audrey Cumberford.

The Herald / Read here

Tes / Why colleges are the key to a fairer, greener economy - 11 January 2021

Colleges produce educated, skilled and adaptable people – and they are vital in tackling inequality, says chief executive of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Liz McAreavey, reflecting on the Scottish College of the Future.

Tes / Read here

The Galloway Gazette / College praised by influential report - 7 January 2021

Dumfries and Galloway College’s leading environmental initiative, D&G: A Green Region, is included in the Commission’s Scottish College of the Future report.

The Galloway Gazette / Read here

FE News / What does the college of the future look like around the world? - 18 December 2020

“The conversation about the future of colleges is alive and kicking in the UK, and with the world changing at pace, it comes as no surprise that it is a hot topic across the globe.“ Commissioner Lesley Giles reflects on learnings from a British Council event.

FE News / Read here

Tes / Funding should be uncoupled from student numbers - 14 December 2020

The Commission on the College of the Future is calling for changes to the funding of colleges and the way the tertiary sector is run in Scotland - Julia Belgutay covers the Commission’s Scottish College of the Future report.

Tes / Read here

FE News / Renew the post-16 education system to secure a more equal and green future for Scottish young people, adults and businesses - 14 December 2020

Read about the publication of our Scottish College of the Future report and responses from the sector.

FE News / Read here

FE News / Colleges are an important part of the wider education ecosystem, alongside Independent Learning Providers, schools and universities - 10 December 2020

How can colleges in the North East continue to support our communities and employers in the future? Niamh Corcoran, Policy Adviser, North East England Chamber of Commerce sets out her vision.

FE News / Read here

Tes / We're proud to be playing a part in the vaccine rollout - 9 December 2020

London South East Colleges is putting itself right at the heart of the Covid vaccination rollout - as its principal Dr Sam Parrett explains, citing the work of the Commission.

Tes / Read here

FE News / AoC new report: Coordination, not competition is the way forward for post -16 education

"In line with the recommendations from the Independent Commission on the College of the Future, this report argues that the post-16 system would benefit from strong leading institutions and clearer accountabilities.” - David Hughes says.

FE News / Read here

FE News /FE Research Centres and Experiential Learning - Lessons in Further Education from Canada - 7 December 2020

Olly Newton, Executive Director, The Edge Foundation, reflects on international perspectives for what works.

FE News / Read here

Tes / Vaccine news aside, we still need urgent action on jobs - 2 December 2020

Covid-19 has caused significant harm to the economy and jobs – and even with a vaccine, that won't go away, writes Commissioner Nora Senior.

Tes / Read here

Bridlington Free Press / The East Riding College column with principal Mike Welsh: A new vision for the future of education - 27 November 2020

The Independent Commission on the College of the Future issued their report for England earlier in November, and its findings will, to some extent shape the future of colleges like ours in Bridlington, says Mike Welsh.

Bridlington Free Press / Read here

FE News / Future of FE: what do college leaders and Governors think? - 26 November 2020

Commissioner Amanda Melton speak to the #SkillsWorldLive podcast.

FE News / Read here

FE Week / This is a compelling vision that should be reflected in the forthcoming white paper - 20 November 2020

The Independent Commission on the College of the Future rightly calls on college leaders to drive forward a positive change agenda, rather than waiting for someone else to tell them what to do, says David Hughes.

FE Week / Read here

FE News / London South East Colleges’ response to The Independent Commission on the College of the Future report - 20 November 2020

It is right to acknowledge the role of colleges as anchor institutions and the need for education systems to be more connected locally, creating strong partnerships with local, regional and national employers,” says Principal Dr Sam Parrett OBE

FE News / Read here

FE Week / Why college networks might be a step in the right direction - 20 NOVEMBER 2020

The future colleges report’s call for a network strategy is eminently sensible as a corrective to failing marketisation, writes Stuart Rimmer responding to the Commission’s English College of the Future report.

FE Week / Read here

Labour List / Scrapping the Union Learning Fund is a spiteful act of economic vandalism - 20 NOVEMBER 2020

Former Shadow Minister Gordon Marsden references the Commission’s call for a statutory right to lifelong learning.

Labour List / Read here

The Herald / Sky's the limit for City of Glasgow College's future vision - 18 NOVEMBER 2020

City of Glasgow Principal Paul Little is confident of helping lead economic recovery over the next 10 years and beyond, referencing the Commission’s work.

The Herald / Read here

The Times / We need to think creatively about the college of the future - 18 NOVEMBER 2020

“Today’s students should also be the students of the future,” Lord David Blunkett reflects on the possibility for the college of the future to achieve the “Learning Age” as the Commission publishes its report for England

The Times / Read here

Tes / Kate Green: Competition doesn't give best outcomes -18 NOVEMBER 2020

Labour's shadow education secretary warns that competition within FE does not serve the needs of learners, referencing with Commission’s English College of the Future report.

Tes / Read here

FE News /The English College of the Future: Overhaul the post-16 education system through the upcoming FE White Paper to secure a better future for young people, adults and businesses - 18 NOVEMBER 2020

Read about the publication of our English College of the Future report and responses from the sector.

FE News / Read here

Personnel Today /More than one million low paid workers don’t qualify for Lifetime Skills Guarantee - 16 NOVEMBER 2020

According to analysis by the Work Foundation and Totaljobs, 1.4 million low paid mid-career workers, defined as workers between the ages of 25 and 49, would not be able to take advantage of the scheme because it is only open to people without a level 3 qualification. The Commission’s recommendations are cited.

Personnel Today / Read here

The Northern Echo / 'Economic impact of Covid-19 becoming more pronounced' -15 NOVEMBER 2020

“It is a prime example of how effective such collaboration can be and was referenced as a case study on People, Productivity and Place by the Independent Commission on the College of the Future.” - Teesside University College Partnership on their collaborative work.

The Northern Echo / Read here

University World News / Have too many people been left behind, post-secondary? - 14 NOVEMBER 2020

A key message is centred around creating a more diverse and seamless post-secondary education system, embracing both vocational and higher education, in recognition that people’s life circumstances change.”, says Commissioner Ellen Hazelkorn.

University World News / Read here

Tes / Employability: Every student needs these 8 skills -12 NOVEMBER 2020

To improve employability, we need to ensure all learners have essential skills like listening, speaking and problem solving, says Sir John Holman

Tes / Read here

Wonkhe / Scottish college student associations and the citizens of the future - 11 NOVEMBER 2020

College student associations have a role to play in the wider community. Will Stringer gazes into the future of Scotland's SAs.

Wonkhe / Read here

Wonkhe / The College of the Future points the way forward for HE-FE collaboration - 2 NOVEMBER 2020

Following the publication of the Commission’s English College of the Future report, Vice Chancellor of London South Bank University Professor Dave Phoenix shows how his university works across the skills landscape and calls on government to set the direction for deeper collaboration across tertiary education.

Wonkhe / Read here

HRreview / ‘College of the Future’ will help to significantly reduce skills gap in the next decade - 30 OCTOBER 2020

A new report visualises and sets out recommendations for the Government to introduce the “college of the future” by 2030, a critical institution in helping people become lifelong learners equipped with vital skills to progress into the working world.

HRreview / Read here

Personnel Today / ‘Employer hubs’ at colleges could help meet skills needs - 29 OCTOBER 2020

The UK’s skills gap could be tackled by creating sector specialist ‘employer hubs’ at local colleges and by giving every person a statutory right to lifelong learning, a group of experts looking at the role colleges can play in addressing skills needs has recommended.

Personnel Today / Read here

FE News / Commission’s Vision for the College of the Future is Alive & Well in the West Midlands - 29 OCTOBER 2020

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, says “I am proud to say that in the West Midlands we are already on the road that the Commission on the College of the Future sets out for us.”

FE News / Read here

About Manchester / Radical, long-term education and skills reforms and investment are needed to address current and future skills gaps and transform life chances for every adult - 29 OCTOBER 2020

Radical, long-term education and skills reforms and investment are needed to address current and future skills gaps and transform life chances for every adult.

About Manchester / Read here

Mirror / Steph McGovern: 'It's time to invest in our skills amid the ongoing jobs crisis' - 28 OCTOBER 2020

All routes must be equally valued and properly funded, and that all parts of the education system need to work together. Technical education is not second best.

Mirror / Read here

Tes / How colleges can support the jobs of the future28 OCTOBER 2020

The world of work is changing – but colleges can keep pace with the skills future employees will need, says Commissioner Peter Cheese.

Tes / Read here

Tes / 'The beginning of serious pride in the UK's FE sector'28 OCTOBER 2020

The Independent Commission for the College of the Future has laid out the changes that need to be enacted across the UK for the sector vision for 2030 to be realised.

Tes / Read here

Tes / 'The beginning of serious pride in the UK's FE sector'28 OCTOBER 2020

Four commissioners share their priorities for FE reform.

Tes / Read here

FE Week / Independent Commission on the College of the Future releases final UK-wide report - 28 OCTOBER 2020

The government should introduce a duty on colleges to deliver an education offer aligned to employer needs, a commission of leading FE figures have said.

FE Week / Read here