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The College of the Future vision

Our vision for the College of the Future: people, productivity and place

The Report

Through the work of the Independant Commission on the College of the Future - We have published a new report, People, productivity and place: a new vision for colleges. This sets out our vision for the college of the future and is accompanied by a collection of short essays from leading voices from across the education and skills system and case studies about the civic role of colleges during COVID-19.

Download the report - English Language Download the report - Welsh Language

Our Vision

The college of the future will be central to driving a fairer, more sustainable and more prosperous society.

For people, colleges will be a touchpoint for everyone throughout their lives as the world changes. Flexible and blended learning and guidance will empower each person to get a job, progress in their career and be an active citizen.

For productivity, colleges will provide strategic advice and support for employers to drive business change, innovation and future workforce planning.

For place, colleges will have the resources and funding to play an even greater role in fostering healthy and connected communities.

Change is needed to unlock the full potential of colleges– for people, productivity and place.

No college can do this alone.

To achieve this vision colleges of the future will have a clear and recognised position in the education and skills system.

Colleges will work collaboratively with each other and across the wider education and skills system in new ways. This will enable them to together lead the way in stimulating and responding to the needs of people, employers and communities.

Governments across the UK will be there to support, with relationships built on trust and a shared destiny.

It is only then that colleges will be empowered to deliver for people, productivity and place.

Next Steps

Taking this forward will look different in each of the four nations. While there are common challenges and opportunities for colleges across the four nations, the recommendations that will be made in our final report will be distinct and particular to the respective policy and political contexts.

Reports have now been published for every nation of the UK.

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