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Industry placements guidance resources

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Image courtesy of Cardinal Newman College

This page contains a set of guidance materials focusing on how to effectively implement industry placements.

Based on the experience and learning from the Industry Placements Pilot Scheme in academic year 17/18 and the Capacity and Delivery Fund (CDF) in academic year 18/19, The Department for Education have created these resources for post-16 education providers and employers.

Quick overview documents

For providers - 'How to' guidance

Before placement:

For students:

During placement:

Tools and Templates

Employment engagement:

Before placement:

During placement:


For employers:

Capacity and delivery fund (CDF) year 1 evaluation

The research team have comprised a brief presentation talking through some of the common themes that are emerging, including sourcing placements; achieving high quality placements; internal resourcing and access to and experience of support. You can watch the webinar here.

For any enquiries regarding industry placements, please contact the Education & Skills Funding Agency Service using this online enquiry form, or by searching for Industry Placements.

Industry Placement workshops

Workshop presentations:

Business Development workshop presentations

Industry placement case studies

This page contains a set of 13 video and 11 written case studies which feature student and employer feedback on their experience of industry placements and featuring different sector settings. The case studies will be a valuable asset to you in speaking to students, parents and employers about industry placements or future T Levels.

T Level industry placements – what students say:

T Level industry placements – what employers say

Business & administration


Health and science

Animal care



Education and childcare


Hair & beauty