Wiltshire College & University Centre

The bid recognised the excellence associated with the delivery of farm based practical skills and theoretical knowledge through immersion in a real life 1600-acre farm.

The innovative aspects centre on the delivery of learning by commercial staff supporting teachers and the degree of ‘ownership’ created by the adoption of learning in a real-life context.  This has created learners who are highly sought after by employers due to their technical skills and work readiness.

The significant level of responsibility also builds confidence and embeds wider skills including English and maths. Learners have high levels of engagement and enjoy the responsibility that they are given.  Peer learning aspects build strong student communities. Destinations for these learners are excellent.

Examples of this practice have been disseminated and led to changes in the practical delivery within Animal Care practical elements and are being considered within engineering and other land-based courses.

This Wiltshire College project recognises that learning which is highly applied and in context is developmental and engaging, especially for learners who did not enjoy school experiences.

“Assessors were impressed by the exceptional and innovative approach to practical teaching, learning and assessment which results in excellent progression and achievement data. The implementation of investigative projects develops knowledge and skills of both the students and staff, while providing a positive impact on productivity.”