The Careers and Enterprise Company careers education and guidance award - Weymouth College Case Study

The Schools Link project is an aspirational careers education programme which involves 37 schools and 3,200 young people in Years 6 to 13 annually.

This is a unique large scale collaborative venture, running since 2005, which is managed by Weymouth College, but with funding, steerage and support from universities, the County Council and district councils, schools and employers. The project provides meaningful hands-on experience in subject/career areas of interest to the young people.

about the project from students and their teachers consistently confirms that while it provides much-needed information about careers and the labour market, it also raises aspirations, making further and higher education, whether at university, at college or through a work-based route, seem a realistic goal.

The funding from sponsors allows the project to be offered free to secondary schools and covers 60% of their transport costs. This makes it possible for schools to bring their whole year groups, with some schools travelling over forty miles to get to us.

Other colleges could replicate the project, as it builds on relationships they will already have in place with schools and does not require a significant funding commitment.