The Careers and Enterprise Company Careers Education and Guidance Award


This award supported by The Careers and Enterprise Company will celebrate an outstanding example of careers education and guidance. In a world where enterprise, education and work opportunities are constantly changing, students need easy access to high quality support and information. Learning how to make informed decisions is increasingly critical to a successful life.

The award is not explicitly targeted at any single group but will celebrate highly effective engagement with schools, employers and other agencies, to provide learners with excellent impartial careers education, advice and guidance. Assessors will be particularly interested to see applications where colleges have supported learners of any age, to research, develop and establish their own enterprises.

When completing the first stage application (max 1,000 words) please note that the assessors will be scoring on innovation, impact and sustainability. Inclusion of information to address the AoC Beacon Criteria will enhance the likelihood of success.

Colleges that exceed the AoC Beacon Standard will be invited to submit a full project brief second stage (building on the content in the first stage application), that will provide comprehensive additional evidence such as: the effectiveness of partnerships, details of positive learner feedback, evidenced successful progression, and meaningful use of market intelligence to inform guidance.

Sponsor’s Criteria

Colleges wishing to apply for this award could consider some or all of the following:

  • Effective partnerships with employers, schools and other education institutions and training providers, making a practical contribution to the provision of impartial guidance supporting learner progression;
  • Individual or group careers education and guidance which enables successful progression to further study or employment;
  • An innovative approach to careers education enabling learners to make informed choices about their progression to further study and training, including apprenticeships;
  • Highly effective support to enable the target group to assess their own career choices and chances;
  • Exceptional support for the target group to overcome barriers to learning, and progression to education, training or work;
  • Very effective use and evaluation of labour market intelligence to enable up-to-date guidance on education, training and employment opportunities.

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