The Careers and Enterprise Company Award for Careers Education and Guidance

This award is open to all colleges in the further education sector and will focus on how well colleges engage with schools and employers to provide excellent impartial careers education, advice and guidance for young people. Young people are defined as being aged under 21. 

Assessors would be particularly interested to see applications where colleges have supported young people in the research and development of establishing their own enterprises.  They will be looking for colleges applying for the award to provide evidence which demonstrates the following:

  • effective partnerships with employers, schools and other education institutions and training providers, making a practical contribution to the provision of impartial guidance supporting student progression
  • careers education and guidance which enables successful progression to further study or employment
  • an innovative approach to careers education enabling students to make informed choices about their progression to further study and training, including apprenticeships
  • effective support to enable young people to assess their own career choices and chances
  • effective support for young people to overcome barriers to learning, and progression to education, training or work
  • effective use and evaluation of labour market intelligence to enable up-to-date guidance on employment opportunities.


About the Careers and Enterprise Company

The Careers & Enterprise Company is an employer-led organisation that has been set up to inspire and prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work. Its role is to take an umbrella view of the landscape of careers and enterprise, supporting programmes that work, filling gaps in provision and ensuring coverage across the country. The Company’s aim is that every school and college has the support they need to give their pupils the best start in their careers. Its goal is to help motivate young people, support them in making informed choices about their future and help them achieve against those choices.

Youth unemployment remains high at the same time that many good jobs go unfilled: there are currently over 750,000 published vacancies, yet youth unemployment is three times higher than the national average.

The evidence points to three elements to prepare and inspire young people for the world of work:

1.         Encounters: with employers, with workplaces, with further and higher education

2.         Information: About local jobs, how the curriculum connects to work

3.         A plan: tailored to an individual’s needs and supported by guidance

The role of encounters is particularly well evidenced. Research from the Education Employers Taskforce, shows young people who have had multiple encounters with businesses while at school were significantly less likely to not be in education, employment or training (NEET) and earned, on average, 18% more than their peers who had not.

To help support schools and colleges in delivering encounters and supporting their young people, The Careers & Enterprise Company is calling on senior business people to become volunteer Enterprise Advisers and work directly with the senior leadership in a local school or college to galvanise programmes. To do this, The Company has partnered with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to create the Enterprise Adviser network, which will be supported by Enterprise Coordinators. The Enterprise Coordinators work with clusters of 20 schools to give them access to the best local employers and programmes such as inspirational speakers and CV workshops. The network will make it simpler for schools and colleges to engage with employers.

In turn, this will give businesses informed and inspired young people who are ready to enter the world of work. Recognising best practice is core to The Careers & Enterprise Company’s approach to enable the leading programmes to scale up and do more in the areas most in need. This work will create a lasting improvement in the way young people are supported to move into work and fulfil their potential.    Twitter: @CareerEnt