Colleges offer a wide range of provision for students with special educational needs and disabilities. We represent the work that colleges do to Government and other agencies to interpret the impact of policy changes.

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  • Events Briefing 21/18

    This week's briefing includes AoC Teaching, Learning and Assessment Conference, AoC SEND Conference, AoC Sport Curriculum Conference, AoC Winter Finance Conference and AoC College HE Conference and Exhibition

    18 Nov 2018

  • Events Briefing 20/18

    This week's briefing includes AoC SEND Conference, AoC Winter Finance Conference, AoC Teaching, Learning and Assessment Conference, AoC Sport Curriculum Conference and AoC English and Maths Conference

    08 Nov 2018

  • Campaigns 01/18

    Welcome to the first campaigns briefing - the place to find the latest information on our active campaigns.This week's briefing includes Love Our Colleges campaign launch, new campaign website, press coverage so far and what we need from you.

    21 Sep 2018

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