We secure funding from Government agencies and other organisations that wish to work with colleges and make these opportunities available to members. We manage projects to ensure that learning and models are shared.

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  • Projects Briefing 20/19

    This week's Projects Briefing provides information on CVER's Management Practices in FE and Sixth Form Colleges research and the T Level Professional Development Offer

    26 Jun 2019

  • Projects Briefing 19/19

    This week's briefing provides information on the 5R's Approach to GCSE maths resits and the T Level Professional Development Offer: Industry Insight placements.

    13 Jun 2019

  • Project Briefing 18/19

    This weeks briefing includes details of the upcoming Taster Morning For Further Forces Programme, ETF’s T Level Professional Development offer and how to get involved in research aiming to better understand FE management practices.

    06 Jun 2019

  • Projects Briefing 17/19

    This week's Project Briefing provides information on how to get involved with The 5R's Approach to GCSE Maths Resits programme.

    23 May 2019

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