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David Hughes became Chief Executive in September 2016. He is responsible for the overall management of the organisation and regularly meets with politicians, stakeholders and partners to represent colleges.

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  • Chief Executive Letter 16/18

    This week's letter from David includes; College mergers and sixth form college conversions, Cybersecurity, Supply teacher agency, AoC Summer Reception, Fair.Vote Campaign (Votes at 16), 2 May 2018 - Photocall in Parliament with MPs, Parliamentary Update, Accountabilities in FE seminars, AoC Annual Finance Conference and Exhibition – Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 May 2018, Nottingham, Finance for FE Leaders Workshop, Congratulations

    20 Apr 2018

  • Chief Executive Letter 15/18

    This week's letter from David includes; Post-18 review, Parliamentary Update, Government communications, Fair.Vote Campaign (Votes at 16), MiDES reports, Integrated communities strategy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Working in Saudi Arabia.

    13 Apr 2018

  • Chief Executive Letter 14/18

    This week's letter from Alison includes; Adult education budget in 2018-19 and devolution thereafter, FE Residential Accommodation: New National Minimum Standards, New DfE guidance on 16 to 18 maths schools, Teachers Pensions, Immigration policy, T Level Panel Recruitment, Parliament, Campaigns update - Fair.Vote (Votes at 16), Forces in Mind Trust Survey: Tackling disadvantages faced by the Armed Forces Community, Gatsby, Dealing with Post-Merger Issues: Culture and People Integration, AoC/ETF Spring Policy Conference – Friday 20 April, Nottingham.

    06 Apr 2018

  • Chief Executive Letter 13/18

    A short letter explaining that AoC briefings will be held over until 5 April and listing a small number of documents issued this week

    29 Mar 2018

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