Students aged 14 to 19 in colleges study a wide range of qualifications. These include A Levels, vocational and work-based programmes such as traineeships and apprenticeships. We represent members to national policymakers to develop this area.

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  • Education Policy Briefing 12/18

    This week's Education Policy Briefing includes Centres for Excellence in maths, T-Levels update, What will 16-19 vocational education look like in 2022? A strategic conversation, Industry placement guidance materials and Template Apprenticeship Contracts.

    08 Jun 2018

  • Education Policy Briefing 11/18

    This weeks Education Policy Briefing includes AoC/DfE Webinar: Performance reporting for FE college groups and multi-site colleges, Basic Maths Premium Pilot announcement, Safeguarding guidance and advice for schools and colleges, Annual review of end-year 16 to 19 study programmes data, New support for young care leavers starting an apprenticeship, AoC Work Placements Conference and Accountabilities in FE seminars.

    18 May 2018

  • Education Policy Briefing 09/18

    This week's Education Policy Briefing includes L3 near pass arrangements for Cambridge Technical, successful exam series delivery, elective home education consultation: Call for evidence, special educational needs and disabilities inquiry launched by Education Committee, Outcome Based Success Measures webinar, National Citizen Service showcase events

    04 May 2018

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