Students aged 14 to 19 in colleges study a wide range of qualifications. These include A Levels, vocational and work-based programmes such as traineeships and apprenticeships. We represent members to national policymakers to develop this area.

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  • Education Policy Briefing 14/17

    This week's briefing includes updated study programme guidance, 16 to 19 sub-contracting data, the Sir Adrian Smith Review, an updated English and maths condition of funding ‎guidance, 16 to 19 Bursary Fund guidance, an update on procurement for non-levy paying employers and more.

    21 Jul 2017

  • Education Policy Briefing 13/17

    This week's Education Policy briefing includes AoC/DfE survey on performance tables, Ofqual external subject expert recruitment, New presentations to support the 2017/18 funding guidance for young people, Post-16 sub-contracting funding guidance for 2017/18, ESFA Customer engagement user research, update on Non-levy allocations, Jisc Student Digital Experience Tracker survey and more.

    07 Jul 2017

  • Education Policy Briefing 12/17

    This week's Policy briefing includes the launch of DfE's a new GCSE webpage, National achievement rates for 16-18 English and maths GCSE, opportunity to evaluate reformed GCSEs, AS and A'Level qualifications‎, the launch of Advanced Teacher Status, 16-19 inspection dashboard release, College financial planning handbook, 16-18 performance tables changes for the 2016/17, Funding opportunity: Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment Programme, ESFA update: English and maths condition of funding questionnaire and more.

    23 Jun 2017

  • Education Policy Briefing 11/17

    This week's Education Policy Briefing includes Exam timetable 2018, Non-levy allocation modelling update, AoC Apprenticeships Conference, Apprenticeships Consultative workshop and Service children conference.

    09 Jun 2017

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