TEC Partnership

Gill Alton, CEO The TEC Partnership, explains how the organisation has been putting plans to reopen in place since the lockdown began in March...

Planning for students returning
“At the TEC Partnership the planning for reopening started as soon as the lockdown began in March.  It was identified that the key to a successful return to campus would be to minimise the number of staff and students on site to those that really need to be there to allow learners to complete workshop based activities and focus all other delivery through our virtual learning platform and online but live teaching facilities.

The key was an early launched centrally collated data collection exercise.  This exercise asked all programme leaders to evaluate for all programmes how many learners needed to return to site, how many hours needed to be delivered to each learner and the specific workshop location that the delivery needs to take place in.  Once the delivery locations were identified we then worked out the maximum capacity of these areas to achieve social distancing, (based on risk assessment), started installing extra sanitisation in the rooms, solving the one way systems required and in particular are not wasting time and resource on other unnecessary areas. 

At the same time guidance was set for curriculum leads to re-group learners into smaller groups to reflect workshop capacity and then stagger start/end times and block timetable the new groups so they stay in the same location until they complete the required training and assessment (working towards weekends being a natural break if possible before bringing in the next group into that specific workshop).

The data collection on the “practical” hours truly needed by learners on a campus was key in order to balance the numbers of learners on any of our site at any one time. It also dictated the staffing requirement to operate the campuses - a key consideration central to all our plans was reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19.“

Gill Alton CEO The TEC Partnership