Literature Review

The Scholarship Project literature review is now available. It focuses on the positioning of college higher education (HE) within the wider HE and skills policy and practice landscape, and discusses some of the opportunities and threats presented in seeking to develop distinct forms of scholarly activity in college settings.

Its main aim is to inform the development of the conceptual underpinning for the project. The review is split into four sections:

  1. Higher Vocational Education in Social Context
  2. College Higher Education in Policy and Practice Context
  3. Research and Scholarship in College Higher Education
  4. The Nature of Higher Vocational Knowledge

The first section and the last section contextualise college HE in wider debates about the role of higher education in widening participation, social mobility, and in preparing an appropriately skilled workforce.  The middle two sections focus more specifically on college HE itself; its positioning between the HE and FE sectors, and its emerging context of scholarly activity.

Commentary on the literature review:

For many, accessing the contemporary work on scholarly activity in colleges has been challenging as it is published in a variety of sources across the HE and FE sectors.  For me, this is a 'go to' document, written in an accessible style that will be of relevance to practitioners, researchers and policymakers; indeed I have plans to integrate it into my own teaching on this subject.

Dr Becky Turner, Educational Developer, Plymouth University

“This literature review provides a comprehensive overview of the theoretical foundations of scholarly activity within college-based higher education. The review offers a powerful argument for the distinctiveness and relevance of college scholarship within the contemporary educational landscape. It should be essential reading for anyone involved in the delivery or management of higher education in colleges.”

Dr Jonathan Eaton, Research & Engagement Manager, Newcastle College

For more information about the literature review, please contact John Lea.


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