Baseline Data Reports

The Scholarship Project is a three year project aiming to develop, test and embed a 'scholarly framework' which can be used across the sector.

In the first stage of the project, data was collected from the 46 colleges involved in the project as a sample to represent the 'state of play’ of colleges currently. Through surveys we collected data from students, teachers, managers and employers with regard to aspects of scholarly activity. We also conducted one-to-one qualitative interviews with a selection of self-nominated individuals from these aforementioned groups.  Altogether, the survey work resulted in over 1,200 returns, alongside 60 interviews.

The empirical data has now been collected, collated, analysed and published in The Scholarship Project College Baseline Data Analysis report, written by Jonathan Eaton (Head of Learning & Teaching Enhancement, Teesside University).

The report identifies interesting findings and perhaps confirms that the college HE sector is changing. The report concludes that the profile of college HE in England is probably moving away from mature, part-time student provision, towards more 18 to 24-year-olds undertaking full-time honours programmes and with more and more staff undertaking HE work as their main activity. A number of recommendations, which will inform the trialling and testing phase of the project (May 2016 - October 2017), can also be found in the report.

The project also conducted research on the current state of college HE employer engagement.


The Scholarship Project College Baseline Data Analysis report