Teach Too - Organisational development projects

Bury College
Bury College’s has a strategic aim to ensure their curriculum matches the needs of both students and employers.  The aim of this project is to explore how the use the college’s Individual Professional Academic Development (IPAD) policy can be developed for a more joined up organisational approach to curriculum development with employers, specifically refining the college IPAD policy to support the development, piloting and evaluation of a new model where at least one IPAD day for each of member of staff is aligned to Teach Too activities.
Lead agents will undertake a round of industrial updating, which they will then cascade to colleagues within their own directorate and across the wider college.  This will help to share lessons learned, reflections and other feedback in support of wider take-up and adoption across the whole organisation to become standard practice, thereby improving involvement with employers on curriculum design and delivery.
Case studies and a supporting guide will also be produced to assist delivery staff who may need assistance engaging employers / organising their own industrial updating.

Harlow College
Harlow College have formed a strategic partnership with Stanstead Airport to create a local response to the provision of technical education that is a catalyst for economic growth. The Stanstead Academy is a joint venture that will prepare students for working in a professional environment through state of the art facilities and co delivered training by practitioners and employers.
To integrate Teach Too principles across the whole organisation, the project has established an Advisory Group and two college/employer strategic partnerships. Additionally, Harlow college will develop a release model to allow industry professionals to input into the curriculum and the opportunity to gain teaching experience.
This project will carry out the following activities: project presentation to the Stanstead airport Business Board, curriculum development workshops, planning for industry placements and an engagement plan for visiting professionals.

Leeds City College
Leeds City College are developing a whole organisation approach to improving technical education by strengthening links with industry experts and facilitating staff development through industrial updating opportunities. The project aims to create sustainable and meaningful collaboration across the whole College.
The project will develop an Initial Teacher Education initiative with input from industry specialists, this will enable intriguing collaborative activity. This project will enhance the professional learning opportunities of 5 tutors and use Joint Practice Development to provide teaching opportunities for industry experts.

LTE Group
LTE Group acknowledges the governments proposed reforms to technical education, will require improvements to employer engagement and two-way collaboration.
Through this project, LTE group will explore effective Teach Too practice across their provision and external sources and implement examples across the whole organisation. The project will explore how different types of provision (GFE, ITP and Offender Learning) embed Teach Too and successful strategies for inter-organisational sharing.
The project will produce an online toolkit to: map internal activity, scope good practice externally and develop an internal resource bank. An employer advisory panel will be set up to allow valuable industry contributions to be embedded in the project.

Nelson and Colne College

Nelson and Colne College have been selected as a T Level early adopter and will roll out the qualifications form September 2020. In preparation for the reforms, the College have identified the need to expand and improve employer engagement. This project aims to build upon their existing strategy to develop sustainable partnerships with industry. By embedding Teach Too principles and practice the College aim to have industry influence the curriculum across the organisation.
Through this project, a large-scale engagement event will take place, to showcase career prospects to students and offer advice on career progression. The project aims to build on employer partnerships leading to staff becoming dual professional and industry professionals developing new teaching skills. This will lead to the longer term aim of co curricula development.

RNN Group

The project aims to embed Teach Too principles across a newly merged, large multi-site college to advance the development of the groups strategic preparation for T Level delivery. By establishing curriculum innovation hubs in each site which will bring employer involvement into the curriculum, RNN Group aim to improve the quality of provision for students. Each hub will explore co-design and delivery, using the Teach Too guidance material to aid delivery.
The project will run pilot hubs across two subject areas in each campus before rolling out across the whole group. The two subject areas will be Digital & Travel and Catering & Hospitality.

South Staffordshire College
South Staffordshire’s Teach Too project will build upon existing strategies to increase and improve employer involvement in technical education, aiming to contribute to closing local skills gaps.
The “Skills Innovation and integration Project” (SKIIP) will offer industry staff the opportunity to train in teaching and teaching staff the opportunity to update their knowledge while working with industry specialists. The knowledge acquired through the project will then feed into a review of curriculum delivery.

Walsall College
Walsall College has been selected to deliver the new T-level programmes from September 2020 as a T Level early adopter. The College arecurrently preparing the whole organisation and staff to deliver T-level qualifications. The project will use Teach Too principles to strengthen their readiness for T-level delivery which has clear links to the organisational strategic aims.
The project aims to establish a framework, to enable collaboration with employers from their local community to develop dual learning development and support programmes for both the college and employers.
The project activity includes identifying 5 curriculum staff and 5 employees to develop materials which will help students prepare for progression to employment or further study.

University College Birmingham
University College Birmingham are in the process of changing their approach to technical education in preparation for T Levels. This project “Curriculum 2020” will tie into their strategic aim of developing and embedding two-way street collaboration with industry to improve outcomes for learners.
The College have developed a longer-term strategy to implement “Curriculum 2020”. The first phase will be delivered via this project and will see the deans of all four schools develop a strategic vision which outlines clear outcomes and targets for the development of teaching staff’s industry knowledge and skills. A whole organisation review of staff skills in underway as part of the project. The College will then implement staff engagement with employers to ensure staff gain key insight into current industry practice.
A working group will be formed including 15 members of UCB staff and 4 student representatives. The group will conduct research through employer consultations to gage information on emerging opportunities in industry.