T Level Professional Development (TLPD) Offer: Understanding T Levels

Working in partnership with the Department for Education, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has developed a high-quality professional development offer to support teachers, trainers and leaders who will be delivering T Levels in 2020 and beyond. The support aims to ensure that teachers and trainers have the teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence needed to deliver a high-quality T Level programme from the outset.
Working with The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) and The Strategic Development Network (SDN) we have been commissioned to develop and deliver a CPD programme to support a wide range of staff across the sector to better understand T Levels.
The Understanding T Levels CPD offer will aim to:
  1. ensure that the FE workforce has information about T Levels so they a) understand the implications for their role and b) can advise students (including those with SEND) effectively about their options.
  2. ensure that teachers in schools advising young people understand what T Levels are and what the potential benefits are.


A range of CPD activities are now available. This includes in-house training for whole organisations planning to deliver T Levels and online CPD modules focued on specific roles. The following face to face and online support is also available:
Birmingham 24 October 2019
Birmingham 26 November 2019
Manchester 28 November 2019
Taunton 4 December 2019
York 6 December 2019
Governors, Directors and Trustees 16 September 2019
Teachers and trainers supporting SEND learners  27 September 2019
Feeder schools 14 October 2019
Student facing frontline staff and student services 18 October 2019
Employer facing frontline staff 25 November 2019
HR 13 December 2019
Exams and assessment 13 January 2020
Finance and MIS 24 February 2020
Teachers and trainers 13 March 2020


Recordings of all the Understanding T Levels webinars can be accessed here.
Durham 12 November 2019
Leeds 13 November 2019
Birmingham 22 January 2020
Manchester 27 February 2020
London 3 March 2020


To book a place on any face to face or online activity, please visit the ETF booking site.
The Government places a high priority on T Levels and is fully committed to help providers implement them. As part of this commitment, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has been provided with grant funding to produce and deliver this important T Level CPD offer. This means there is no charge for ESFA funded providers planning to deliver T Levels from 2020 and in the future. However, whilst the offer is available to all those who meet this criteria, for face-to-face training there will be a period where initial priority and availability will be given to those who have been selected/will be selected to deliver T Levels in 2020 and 2021. All online training will be open to all.  If, for some reason, a registered attendee is unable to attend, they can ask for the place to be transferred to a colleague in their institution. If that is not possible, they should inform the ETF or delivery partner as soon as practicable to enable their place to be reallocated to a fellow practitioner who may be on a waiting list to attend.

Providers who are involved in Teacher Regional Improvement Projects (TRIPs) offered through the T Level Professional Development: Knowledge Hubs are entitled to claim remission funding to allow them to participate in face-to-face activity.