Teacher Regional Improvement Projects

50 Teacher Regional Improvement Projects (TRIPs) were commissioned between June and November 2019. The projects have recieved funding to support the development of teaching practice in preperation for T Levels. 15 projects are being managed by the Northern Hub and further information on project aims are provided below. For information on projects being delivered across England, please visit the ETF website.

Each TRIP has been awrded funding up to £45,000. £25,000 of this is allocated for remission funding to allow staff in partcipating organisations to attend CPD offered through the wider TLPD offer. For more information on funding please see

Northern TRIPs

Blackpool and The Fylde College, Nelson and Colne College, The Lancashire LEP, Wakefield College, Bolton College, Hopwood Hall College

The aim of the project is to undertake research to inform the development of long term CPD to support teaching staff who are in line to deliver the first T Level in Construction (Design, Surveying and Planning) with a specific focus on emerging technologies.


Bolton College, Blackburn College, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Hopwood Hall College, Priestly College, Wirral Metropolitan College

The project aims to test effective strategies for the development of industry-level knowledge and skills required by teachers delivering the T Levels in Digital. The project will seek to identify effective methods for embedding employer support to help bridge the gap between industry needs and teaching knowledge and experience, for the delivery of the three Digital T Level pathways.


Burnley College, Priestley College, Myerscough College, Blackburn College

The project aims to analyse the impact of industry placements on the teaching and learning cycle to enable partners to support both learners and employers before, during and following an industry placement as well as aligning classroom delivery to the placement objectives.


Burnley College, Nelson and Colne College, Blackburn College, Wigan and Leigh College East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust

The project aims to work with the NHS Trust to develop high quality industry placements with learning objectives linked to T Level occupational specialisms. The project will research how to effectively map a T Level learners placement to a patients journey rather than a department in the NHS.


Gateshead College, Stockton Riverside College, Derwentside College, Lakes College

The project aims to develop teaching practice in innovative assessment methods in Early Years and Childcare which will allow students to generate evidence of their core skills and to ensure that assessment methods are in line with industry needs.


Gateshead College, Weston College, Lakes College, Derwentside College 

The project aims to investigate and examine the impact of employer involvement in the Digital industries on teaching and learning and student skill development in preparation for T Levels. Skills development will focus on the occupational specialisms of the first Digital T Level being delivered from September 2020.


Grimsby Institute Group, York College, Macclesfield College, John Leggott College, Rotherham College

The project aims to develop teaching and learning practice to support the alignment of industry placements to classroom delivery. Partners will address the challenge of establishing a process for collaborative curriculum design that will improve the quality of technical teaching and provide the necessary focus for placement hours in Education/Childcare and Early Years.


Kendal College, Nelson and Colne College, Lakes College, Furness College, Carlisle College

The project aims to explore factors which contribute to students from low income families and areas of high unemployment failing to enter the job market and how these impacts on the success of the industry placement and ultimately success on a T Level. The partners will aim to increase participation in and completion of placements.


LTE Group, Sheffield College, Oldham College, Wigan and Leigh College, Bolton College, Bury College, Derby College, Hopwood Hall College, Tameside College

The project aims to develop capacity in teaching staff to embed appropriate English maths and digital (EMD) skills into curriculum planning and teaching, learning and assessment. The project will produce teaching resources shared across the partnership to ensure learners are confident in applying higher level EMD skills appropriate to T Levels and particular occupations.


Middlesbrough College, New College Durham, Darlington College, Burnley College

The project will focus on developing a research informed and peer supported CPD programme that enhances teachers’ and trainers’ knowledge and understanding of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogies.


Myerscough College, Runshaw College, Bolton College, Reaseheath College, Bishop Burton College, Blackburn College, Develop EBP, Nelson and Colne College

The project aims to develop teaching staff understanding and practice in relation to supporting SEND students on T Levels. Teaching staff will develop their skills to ensure that their classroom pedagogy and delivery of all aspects of the T levels is fully inclusive to create online resources to support students.


Preston College, Cardinal Newman College, Blackburn College, University College Birmingham, Nelson & Colne College

This project aims to develop teaching and learning practice to embedd the effective use of digital technologies in preparation for T Levels. The project will include the engagement of young people to support teachers develop the required digital skills to be able to teach T Levels.


Stockton Riverside College, St Thomas Moore Catholic School, Gateshead College, Darlington College

The project aims to provide teaching staff with the relevant CPD to enable them to support the development of student’s wider skills in Education and Childcare in preparation for T Levels. The project aims to support staff to identify teaching and learning requirements and effective processes to monitor and record student progress in these wider skills.


The Sheffield College, Barnsley College, Macclesfield College, Leeds City College

This project aims to implement effective pedagogy based CPD for teaching staff aligned to T Level delivery. Partners will create a website of T Level pedagogy resources.


Trafford College, Bolton College, Bury College, Hopwood Hall College, The Manchester College, Salford College, Tameside College, Wigan & Leigh College, Dudley College of Technology, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

The project aims to identify the main differences between current qualification delivery and T Levels. Partners will aim to develop effective teaching and learning approaches which will be tested with students and employers.