T Level networks and workshops

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has developed a high-quality T Level Professional Development Offer to support teachers, trainers and leaders in the delivery of T Levels from 2020 and beyond.

The flexible offer will be shaped around the needs of providers and their workforce alongside relevant regional, employer and curriculum need. AoC, The Skills and Education Group and Creative Education are delighted to be working in partnership with the Education and Training Foundation to deliver part of this offer through Regional Knowledge Hubs.

The Knowledge Hubs will embed learning and help to develop teaching practice through teacher development networks and collaborative activities focused on T Level routes, pathways and subject specific themes.  Employers and professional bodies will also be engaged to ensure that learning and practice reflects industry needs. The Knowledge Hubs will work across their local area to build on existing networking infrastructure and deliver new networks where required, to deliver high quality T Level support.

ETF has developed three workshops which are available to be delivered through networks up to March 2020. The workshops are delivered in relation to the first three T Level areas:

  • Digital production, design and development (digital route)
  • Design, surveying and planning (construction route)
  • Education (education and childcare route)

Professional Practice

These 2.5-hour workshops are focused on professional practice and knowledge development. Each workshop will be focused on one of the three T Level areas mentioned above.

Workshops will provide support for teachers and trainers who may not have covered some aspects of the T Level curriculum before and want advice and support on teaching particular parts of the course. A sample area of the curriculum will be explained with reference to current industry practice.

Each session will be delivered by a Technical Education Advisor who has worked with DfE colleagues on the development of the T Level outline content. Participants will have the opportunity to raise professional practice issues for collaborative response.


These 2.5-hour workshops are focused on assessment in T Levels and what it means for teachers and trainers. Each workshop will be focused on one of the three T Levels areas mentioned above.

The assessment of T Levels is summative and graded. For many teachers and trainers, this will be new and will require different approaches to formative assessment and learner preparation.

The sessions will be practical and action-focused, covering:

  • the performance requirements of the T Level
  • the components of T Level assessment
  • how T Levels will be graded and how a final grade is reached.

Delegates will then begin to develop their own approach and action plan for:

  • how formative assessment and grading might be introduced to measure progress and motivate learners
  • how to effectively prepare learners for assessment.

Subject Knowledge

These 2.5-hour workshops will provide subject specialist knowledge and training for technical teachers delivering T Levels in 2020, 2021 and beyond. Each workshop will be focused on one of the three T Levels areas mentioned above.

The workshops will share technical teaching tips on particular aspects of the T Level curriculum and share innovative ideas for delivery. Participants will have the opportunity to raise issues for collaborative response.

If you would like to attend a workshop on any of the above, please email projects@aoc.co.uk