The needs of students with special education needs and/or disabilities (SEND) can vary widely, but the Study Programme principles still apply.

Hackney Community College's Study Programmes for SEND students consist of each student having an entirely personalised programme, planned around the four key areas of; work, living, health and social activity.

Students should follow a programme that prepares them for adulthood, including supporting their progression into work or further study. For students with SEND who have a learning difficulty assessment (LDA) or an education, health and care (EHC) plan, a Study Programme can apply up to the age of 25. Institutions, in discussion with the student, need to assess what type of programme is most suitable given their career aspirations.

East Norfolk Sixth Form College have shared their guide on delivering Study Programmes for students with high needs. Overall the students with SEND involved with the Study Programmes have shown improved study skills, “soft” skills, concentration, verbal and social media communication and memory recall.

The following case studies produced by the NATSPEC/Jisc Technology advisory group show how colleges are using technology to support students with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Beaumont College - independent living (PDF,178.86 KB)

National Star College - technology and work (PDF,240.58 KB)

Royal National College for Blind - technology to support outcomes (PDF,263.77 KB)

Treloar College - supporting recognising and recording progress and achievement (PDF,209.97 KB)

The focus of Natspec's DfE funded project was to improve the personalisation of Study Programmes for students with learning difficulties or disabilities by encouraging college staff to focus on the benefits that the process of personalising learning can itself bring, including the development of transferable skills. The  active learning for students with SEND summary report (PDF,228.29 KB) provides and overview of the project with a useful  Natspec - Self-assessment.pdf (PDF,194.99 KB) tool and the 15 diverse case studies available below:

Abingdon and Witney College (PDF,415.62 KB)

Ambitious College (PDF,154.72 KB)

Beaumont College (PDF,147.37 KB)

Bridge College (PDF,626.23 KB)

East Norfolk Sixth Form College (PDF,374.17 KB)

Fourtune College (PDF,375.67 KB)

Havering College (PDF,150.28 KB)

Highbury College (PDF,199.75 KB)

Huntingdonshire Regional College (PDF,216.94 KB)

Linkage College (PDF,1.03 MB)

Oaklands College (PDF,163.86 KB)

Queen Alexandra College (PDF,221.65 KB)

Queen Alexandra College - training slides (PDF,1.04 MB)

Queen Alexandra College - mapping sheet (PDF,194.59 KB)

Royal College Manchester (PDF,169.29 KB)

Thornbeck College (PDF,216.72 KB)

Weston College (PDF,200.08 KB)


For more information and sector case studies on the SEND reforms, visit the SEND reforms project page.