Professional Exchanges

The Professional Exchnage is a national programme funded and supported by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). AoC manages regional networks in London and the South West. Information on Exchanges running across England is available on the ETF website. 

Professional Exchanges are locally organised groups who engage regularly. The Professional Exchange is a network of practitioners coming together to share ideas and resources and to test and trial innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment. It’s about teaching staff across the education and training sector in having the space and time to reflect on their professional practice with a view to improving the teaching, learning and assessment of their students. 

"Working with the professional exchange programme has been a very positive experience.  It has provided real opportunities to work with colleagues across the southwest discussing the issues we all face and helping develop and trial new strategies to engage learners and improve success and progress for them."

Ruth Gibney, Deputy Head English and maths, Gloucestershire College.

Professional Exchanges in London and the South West 2018-19

AoC is currently seeking peer group leads in London and the South West to facilitate the work of the Professional Exchange peer groups. Groups can focus on any theme related to teaching learning and assessment such as English, maths, quality or teacher training. This is an excellent opportunity for practitioners to develop their leadership and management skills.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further please contact the AoC projects team.

Participant application

If you would like to partake in the Professional Exchanges as a participant rather than a group lead, please see programme outline and application forms below. Group themes will be confirmed in September 2018 but applicants may specify a theme of interest in the application form. 


"Having  staff  participate  in  the  exchange  adds  a  lot  of  value  to  their  teaching  practice,  to  their  confidence  and  to  the  development  of  additional  skills  such  as  project  management.  As  an  organisation  we  benefit as  it’s  always  good to  see  beyond  your  own  front  door."