About the programme

The Education and Training Foundation's (ETF) programme in outstanding teaching, learning and assessment (OTLA) aims to progress the provision of post-16 training towards outstanding.  It brings practitioners and managers together from across different providers to offer a powerful opportunity for shared learning and development.

Post-16 providers across the country will be able to access the funding, which is being delivered under contract by the Association of Colleges on behalf of ETF.

The programme has two phases of projects. Phase 1 projects will run throughout 2017 and see 15 projects across England receive up to £70,000 funding to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in post-16 education and training. Phase 2 will run from August 2017 until February 2018 and see 6 projects recieve up to £35,000. They will focus on supporting the development of teaching practice and stronger links with employers with the aim of working towards outstanding provision in the sector for all students on technical routes. For information, case studies and resources from the 21 projects please visit the case study and resources page.

The key principles of OTLA activities are:

  • Enhancing teaching, learning and assessment towards outstanding
  • Implementing and promoting the use of the Professional Standards
  • Offering peer-led, collaborative development of teaching for leaders and practitioners
  • Creating sector-led solutions to sector defined problems
  • Evidence based, research informed.

The Report of the Independent Panel on Technical Education (the Sainsbury Review) and the accompanying Post-16 Skills Plan re-inforce the need for a technical teaching workforce that is highly skilled and has a strong understanding of both their technical skillset and teaching techniques. This OTLA Technical Skills programme is designed to support the development of the technical teaching workforce across the sector, to prepare practitioners and providers for the implementation of the Sainsbury Review, and also to have a positive impact on technical skills teaching taking place currently.

Find out more information about OTLA and other ETF programmes via the Excellence Gateway.