Thinking about the Scholarship Project

As part of the project we will produce regular think pieces and newsletters. These will relate to a range of issues surrounding scholarship in college HE.

Submit a think piece

You are welcome to submit a think piece for the project. Some things to consider when writing a submission are:

  • It can be on any theme relating to scholarship in college HE,
  • It might relate to very specific, practical and/or local initiatives or touch on a number of broader and/or more conceptual and theoretical ideas,
  • It should be within 750-1000 words in length, punchy in style and with academic references,
  • It doesn't need to be single-authored - we would particularly welcome contributions from student authors, either singularly or in collaboration with staff.

If you have an idea for a think piece or have one already written please email the projects team, or, to discuss your ideas first, please email John Lea.