About the Scholarship Project

The Scholarship Project aims to support the development and embedding of a distinct college higher education scholarly ethos across the sector. A key outcome is to establish a 'scholarship framework' that can be adopted by all colleges and is firmly centred on advancing relevant forms of scholarship within technical and professional curricula and which aims to enhance the learning experience for students.

How does the project work?

The project will explore different forms of scholarship, including student scholarly activity, and wider community and employer engagement.  This conceptual underpinning will then guide the exploration of current scholarship policies and practices, with a view to developing, testing and embedding the scholarship framework which can be adopted across the sector to support, enrich and quality kitemark, a wide range of scholarly activity and outputs for the sector.

The project will run for a period of three years from 2015-2018, with

, over 40 colleges spread across English college higher education. This project is funded by the HEFCE Catalyst Fund and managed by AoC. The project is also supported by the NUS, QAA, and the HEA.

Adoption of the Scholarship Framework

We are currently welcoming colleges to adopt the Scholarship Framework prior to its official launch in June 2018.

Adoption of the framework will help colleges enhance their provision including: submissions to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and Annual Provider Review (APR) and proposals for foundation degree/degree awarding powers.

So far over 50 colleges have agreed to be early adoptees. This includes colleges with less than 100 HE students to colleges with over 3000 students. The framework will support colleges, regardless of where they are in their HE scholarship journey.

Benefits of early adoption include assistance with developing a college scholarship policy and integrating scholarship into appraisal processes.

For further information, please contact the Scholarship Project team.