Members Services

We provide support and advice to colleges through our member services.  These include:

  • Advice and information on all aspects of policy, good practice and student issues in relation to any skills-related matters in colleges.
  • A fortnightly briefing, containing the latest news and analysis on related issues.
  • Regional Business Development Network (BDN) meetings across the country.   The aim of the BDN is to keep business development staff in our member colleges informed of opportunities and challenges relating to the skills system.  At these meetings, we also gather feedback from member colleges about the impact of initiatives on their colleges and students.
  • We run the Skills Portfolio Group (SPG), which brings together principals and vice principals from colleges with a keen interest in skills. The group is self-selecting but attempts to achieve national coverage. The group meets three or four times a year and informs AoC response to shifts in Skills Policy. (Terms of Reference for this groups is available in AoC's Groups Directory for Members.)
  • As and when required, we also establish specific advisory groups. These groups consider areas of current interest as they occur (e.g. Skills Competition Group).

Additional Services

AoC Services offers additional products and services to help your college succeed in today’s challenging environment.  These include: