Stakeholders and representation

AoC represents colleges by working with:

  • Department for Education (DfE) officials who have responsibility for:
    • implementation of Professor Alison Wolf's review of vocational education
    • 16 to 19 study programmes
    • vocational, A Level and other qualification reform
    • new tech levels, applied general qualifications, the tech bacc and performance tables
    • maths and English
    • work experience
    • colleges' direct recruitment of 14 to 16-year-olds 
    • University technical colleges (UTCs), studio schools, free schools and academy sponsorship
    • Early years qualifications and workforce issues.
  • Education Funding Agency (EFA) officials who have responsibility for:
    • funding for the education of 16 to 19-year-olds
    • funding for 14 to 16-year-olds in colleges
    • the student bursary and other student support
  • The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) on qualification reform and regulation
  • Awarding organisations and the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) on the development of qualifications, assessment and verification practices
  • Teachers' associations on policy and practice in relation to 14 to 19-year-olds in colleges and schools
  • Voluntary sector organisations and national initiatives such as Step up to Serve and the National Career Service in relation to student volunteering and social action
  • The Institute of Education (IOE) in relation to research and evidence into effective practice for the 14 to 19 phase of education