Teach Too Phase 6 Projects

Larger scale projects 

Abingdon and Witney College

This project aims to create a framework that will act as a road map on how to successfully approach and work with employers. The college realised they had some curriculum areas with great industry links and through this project they hope to capture the best practice and embed this across the whole organisation. 

Derby College

Derby College are embarking on a social action project to increase civic contribution/participation and enable students to positively impact on their communities and connect with local employers. The project brings together Horticulture, Construction, Media and Art and Design and 16-19 ESOL curriculum areas to collaborate on a community project supported by employers.  

London South East Colleges

The College are facilitating industry summits to build upon existing employer engagement and use them to develop an employer advisory board. The boards will facilitate meetings with staff from both the College and business and assist in innovative industry research, identification of skills shortages and curriculum co-design.

South Essex College

South Essex are upskilling staff through employer led masterclasses specifically in the area of digital skills. The objective is to develop closer working relationships with employers by building strong partnerships and enable them to deliver their expertise with learners direct to the classroom and allow staff who undertake the masterclasses to then lead in house CPD for other staff. 

Smaller scale projects

Barking and Dagenham College 

Barking and Dagenham are establishing new links and strengthening existing links between employers in the ICT, Digital and Creative industries. The project will enhance existing collaborative relationships, so employers have the opportunity to take a greater role in co-designing the curriculum and adopt team teaching approaches to specific curriculum elements.

Cambridge Regional College 

Cambridge Regional College have been awarded the opportunity to deliver two T-Levels from 2021; Digital Business Services and Childcare & Education. The project will develop approaches to employer engagement in preparation for the digital business Services T Level. Additionally, the project will provide the opportunity for staff to spend time in industry.

St. John Rigby Sixth Form College 

St. John Rigby aim to strengthen existing employer engagement and to collectively create a 30-week curriculum that ensures students are developing the right knowledge and skills to progress to their next steps.