Support for Students Award Truro and Penwith College Case Study

At Truro and Penwith College increased demand for locally based high needs learners has required an innovative yet diverse curriculum to meet a wide range of individual needs.

The provision is exceptional in design and delivery, resourcing and student outcomes. The curriculum is broadly divided into four categories: profound and multiple learning difficulties; complex Autism with challenging behaviour; severe learning difficulties; and moderate learning difficulties with mental health problems. Integration whilst respecting and responding to individual needs is key.

Specialist support pathways lead to learners’ empowerment and choice, enabling them to progress onto adulthood. Learners are not only accepted, but also welcomed across campuses and their achievements celebrated. Opportunities for healthy living activities, supported internships and community placements ensure positive impacts on future prospects, leading to wider social inclusion.

The range of specialisms and approaches have been deployed by staff supporting learners across mainstream with clear benefits of meeting all learning needs and styles. Inclusion is embedded into college life. Sustainability has been achieved by obtaining growth beyond that for critical mass, with specialist resources available to all.

The development of a responsive, inclusive and individualised curriculum impacts hugely on students and their families, reducing need for distant or residential care.